October & November Catch Up

That’s right I’ve been a crap blogger lately – only 1 post in November. Oops! Wish I could say I have a valid reason but I don’t.

Here’s what’s been keeping me distracted:

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Having fun with Yvonne in our onesies! Long gone are the days when we’d be drinking all day and night, now it’s all about cheesy movies, cosy PJs and mulled cider.


Drunken selfie after a night at the Hibs Club for a 40th. As usual I was crap and forgot to take an outfit shot.


Treating myself to a Clinique Chubby Stick – review to come soon.


Getting my nails Shellac’d – really like the grey with glitter on top. I’m rubbish with nails so even my Shellac doesn’t last as long as it should do ūüė¶


Buying this adorable owl necklace from Persun Mall


Ate THE most delicious desserts from Madeleine’s¬†Patisserie¬†in Stockbridge. Yvonne, Jade and I almost wept over how good these were!

I’ve also been buying some well needed knitwear including a super cute Henry Holland polka dot number which I’ll post about soon.

Sure there’s plenty more I’ve been occupied with but just can’t remember at the moment

L   x


April Round Up

Here’s what’s been occupying me this past month:



Avon purchases: used this moisturiser before and quite like it as a value buy. Bought the makeup remover to try to shift stubborn mascara and eyeliner which my cleanser just doesn’t remove properly, not entirely sold on this but it’s not bad. The lipstick reminds me of a Revlon one I bought last year. Wore it twice then lost it. Makes a welcome change from my standard red.


Had to say goodbye to our beautiful bull mastiff Roxy. She had been ill for ages and it was time to put her down. Absolutely devastated as she was a member of the family not just a pet. My 5 year old niece had the best view point about it “Roxy’s in heaven with Granda and Amy Winehouse now”.


Had my nails Shellac’d by the lovely Jade


I was invited to a wedding but forgot to take any outfit photos! Wore my Star by Julien Macdonald dress with my favourite shoes EVER! I’ve had these blue Carvelas for about 4 years and have only worn them a handful of times. Was near to tears when, just as I got home from the wedding, the heel snapped. Sad times.

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I posted about this Zara skirt here. Needless to say my self esteem has taken a massive knock since trying on a large and it not fitting! Yes I am a bit fat but having owned Zara clothing before I was confused until numerous other folk have agreed with me the sizing is crazy! Shame as I do love the skirt and had planned on wearing it  to the INAA.com Bloggers Event which I attended on Monday 29th April (post coming soon).

chic&unique necklace 127

Carla and I wandered around Stockbridge, my favourite area of Edinburgh, on a sunny day and marvelled at the goodies in Chic&Unique. Had to try this tiara on and do my best Amy Farrah Fowler impression “It’s a tiaraaaaaaaaaaa”! Big Bang fans will know what I’m going on about.

I wore this Pearl Lowe dress with bare legs, my red Cambridge satchel, a red cardigan from Primark, vintage sunglasses and striped blue flats from New Look.


Ooh and I’m also excited about finally having an iPhone since my Blackberry went to phone heaven. Follow me on Instagram since I will be Instagraming the shit outta all my photos like every other blogger.

L   x

Zen Beauty Event

Bad blogger that I am only just getting around to posting this but I lost the wire for my camera so excuse me if you’ve already read about this but this is my take on the Zen Beauty Event which took place in the Teviot¬†Place branch in Edinburgh on Thursday 4th April. Myself and a whole host of bloggers were invited along to see the salon after it’s revamp and it has to be said the place is GORGEOUS! All whites and purple with gorgeous floral arrangements and iPads in every room so you can choose from a variety of playlists each treatment room had adjustable lighting – low for relaxing massages and super bright for various beauty treatments amongst others.



Complimentary treatments were being offered to the attendees – Blink and Go lashes, HD Brows and Shellac nails. While Jade opted for the Blink and Go lashes (you can read her review here) I was offered a Shellac appointment. I’ve had Shellac a few times before and love how long the nails remain shiny for. I’m rubbish at doing my own nails, rubbish I tell ye, the usually chip within a few hours regardless of how many coats or topcoats or even which brand I wear so Shellac is perfect for me. I opted for the coral/pinky shade of Tropix and received many, many compliments on it.

343 344

This photo really doesn’t do the actual colour justice! I was told my Shellac would last 2-3 weeks unfortunately I chipped one of my nails on a bottle of Jack Daniels (not mine!) so I have removed it.

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Zen offers a vast array of treatments and the one I’m must anxious to try is the White to Brown tanning treatment. At ¬£35 a go (or ¬£175 for 6) this isn’t the cheapest spray tan around but as the colour has purple tones it means you won’t be subjected to a fake looking orange tan instead you’ll look like you but with a natural tan.

The tanning room

The tanning room

Zen are currently offering 2 for 1 on facials so if you are based in the Edinburgh area I’d highly recommend a visit.