December & January Round Up

Working in retail AND hospitality over the festive period has alot to answer for. I’ve missed blogging but simply didn’t have the time to offer some quality posts so please forgive my absence.

This will be a photo heavy post showing what’s kept me busy since I lasted posted.


002 003 004 005

At work one day we had a “Christmas Glam” theme. Whilst this outfit isn’t as glam as I would have liked due to the almost freezing temperatures in my shop layering was crucial!

Outfit deets:

Headband: Tesco

Cardigan: River Island

Jumper: H! By Henry Holland

Skirt, tights and socks: Primark

Boots: New Look

I freakin ❤ this H! By Henry Holland jumper and have worn it loads. The split in the skirt was far too revealing to wear without tights but I quite liked the effect of the printed hosiery with this outfit.

010 011 212

Another month another (few) trip(s) to Madeleines for some mouth wateringly good desserts.

044 028

December saw me become an aunty again 🙂

My sister gave birth to another beautiful baby girl. As the bestest aunty ever I may have   did spent a small fortune of pink clothing from Gap and Debenhams.

090 091 094

I celebrated my birthday (no I will not disclose my age!). It was a rather sedate affair this year but was lovely to spend time with my nearest and dearest. Also how cute is my Minnie Mouse hat gifted to me by the mother?!

106 109 110 114 112 117

Just some of my Christmas gifts

The Bestest bought me this onesie and it is fast becoming one of my most favourite items ever!

I posted in my wishlist about wanting decent makeup brushes so imagine my delight when the parents gave me these beautiful Dior brushes. they are almost too pretty to use. Second best present was definitely my Cambridge Satchel. Bigger than my red one from the previous Christmas, I have used this almost every day since.

132 135

This H&M dress was my outfit of choice for Hogmanay. Rather daring for me to be exposing the midriff but I have decided to step out of my comfort zone with clothing and what better time to start than New Year.

This whole outfit cost me the grand total of £44 thanks to some savvy sale shopping!

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: H&M

Ring: Primark

January consisted of many relatives birthdays, some illness and wedding dress shopping! No not for me (alas) but the bestest got engaged on Christmas Day and as Maid of Honour it was my duty to offer critical analysis of dresses. Although the wedding isn’t until next August both the wedding dress and my dress have been purchased!

170 171 172 191 222

So much for Dry January – LOTS of cocktails were consumed, favourites were from Tonic and The Roseleaf.


You’ll Never See Me Wear A Suit Of White

I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan so it was only appropriate to have one of his lyrics as today’s post title.

My first day off in over a week and I still ended up wearing a predominately black outfit!


Hat: Vintage

Tee: Bathroom Wall

Cardigan: New Look

Trousers: H&M 

Boots: Debenhams

Bag: Zara

I’ve had this tee for about 2 years now but they still stock it on the website Bathroom Wall which sells thousands of different music/band clothing. I have a few Johnny Cash tshirts from various retailers but this is probably my favourite.

I’ve barely taken this cardigan off since buying it and whenever I wear it there’s always someone who feels the need to stroke it!

These trousers get worn on such a regular occurrence there’s nowt much I can say about them except how comfortable they are and the print makes me feel a teeny tiny bit more stylish when I wear them as part of a casual outfit.

The boots aren’t actually mine, they belong to the momma, who is on holibags so I am raiding her accessories.




The ring is from Primark and the bracelet River Island

This morning saw me and Carla getting our eyebrows threaded followed by a spot of shopping and some lunch.

This afternoon my niece, sister and I took our dog Lloyd for a walk. Obviously those red Debenhams boots weren’t made for (dog)walking so I swapped them for some black and white Converse (again belonging to my mum)

038 032 034


Whaddya think of my outfit? Do you have an item that makes you a casual outfit feel more dressed up?

L     x

Should I Bother???

So whilst cardigans are nothing new for Autumn/Winter the surprise object of lust amongst bloggers such as Sarah @ BloodRedMoon, Charnelle and Helen appears to be cardigans of the fluffy variety and I have been wondering whether to follow suit.

I know that Primark are selling these for £12 but I’m leaning more toward the New Look version even though it is more expensive at £24.99

new look fluffy cardigan

Because of work I’d have to opt for the black version but it also comes in cream which my darling niece tried on recently!

"It's sooooooooo soft LeeLee, I want one in my size"

“It’s sooooooooo soft LeeLee, I want one in my size”

She’s such a little fashionista and likes to pick out her own clothes and she probably owns more handbags than my sister does!

IF (more like when) I do buy this then I’d pair it with my trusty H! by Henry Holland (p)leather skirt, a basic black tee, black opaque tights and my little suede Primark booties. It’s totes about the different textures when it comes to an all black ensemble dontcha know.

I can see me wearing this cardigan constantly and for non work days it would be so easy to throw on over a dress, just add tights and boots and I’d be all set for the rapidly decreasing temperatures.

The one way I can add a touch of fun into my work outfits is with accessories so I’d wear one of my ever-growing collection of Jiji Kiki necklaces, my newest one is a cartoon unicorn – SO cute.


The necklace has now sold out but please go check out the website for the huge variety of jewellery at affordable prices.

So have you succumbed to the fluffy cardigan fad?

Should I bother?

Would love to know thoughts

L    x

City Dressing

As mentioned here I recently spent a long weekend in London. With the temperatures topping 30 degrees each day a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe was required. Below is a selection of photos of my outfits. For 4 days away I ended up taking 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of sunglasses and 3 handbags!

blbc 18

The only time I wore heels the whole weekend :O I jazzed up this New Look dress with my Cambridge Satchel and Alexander McQueen scarf.

blbc 7

Looking like a chubby tennis player! This was the hat I bought at Greenwich Market and I’ve worn it to death already.

blbc 13

My Cynthia Rowley dress recieved many compliments, I kept the accessories simple with my Primark necklace and gold ballet pumps.

blbc 5

All I bought from Harrods was a MAC lipstick, a gorgeous pink called Impassioned that I could have bought from Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh but I wanted a Harrods carrier bag!

blbc 1

Basic black New Look dress with Peacocks sandals, Zara bag and vintage sunnies.

sawm dress

I already posted this photo here but it’s the only shot I have of the JiJi KiKi dress

My travelling outfits weren’t worth posting – just basic maxi dresses and converse.

My style in London was very relaxed – flat shoes and hardly any accessories, how unlike me. I blame the scorching sun.

What are your essentials for a weekend break?

L   x

Sail Away With Me

So waaaaaay back here I mentioned how much I love Jiji Kiki‘s website and especially this dress so imagine my delight when those wonderful peoples at JiJi KiKi sent me it!

I was about to embark on a trip to the zoo with me adorable niece recently but couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. The fashion gods must have smiled upon me as 2 seconds after muttering “I have nothing to wear” my parcel arrived from JiJi KiKi. I immediately changed into the dress and went out to enjoy the sunshine.


I paired the dress with: denim waistcoat from New Look, bag from Zara, vintage sunnies and Primark necklace.


Photos aren’t the greatest but then again they were taken by a 5 year old!

The pattern on this pink dress is little sail boats although at first glance I thought they were watermelon segments – I’m blaming too much sun frazzling my brain!


Not sure why this looks red because the dress is definitely pink.

I then did something I NEVER do – I wore the same dress 3 days later (friend’s of mine will be in shock right about now). I spent a fabulous weekend in that London seeing the swoonsome Michael Buble in concert and wore this dress out to dinner one night.

sawm dress

It looks like I’m preggo here – I’m totally not. I am sporting the world’s biggest food baby and trying to hide it with my Julien Macdonald clutch bag. A very casual look from me but the weather was freakishly warm even at night and we were walking miles and miles so flat shoes were a requirement.

One of the things I love about this dress is that it can be easily dress up or down and is interesting enough in print and shape to be worn with basic accessories without me worrying about it looking boring. Another great aspect of this dress is the longer hem at the back, meaning when I wear it during crappy weather I won’t have to worry about flashing my granny panties to strangers in the street.

Whaddya think of my dress? Have you shopped with JiJi KiKi before?

L    x

Fun In The Ferry

Saturday saw blue skies and sunshine so the bestest and I headed to South Queensferry with her little boy for a picnic under the famous Forth Rail Bridge.

Forth Rail Bridge

My photos really don’t do the weather justice but it was warm enough for bare legs and arms although I did eventually have to wear my cardigan.


Yvonne very kindly provided the picnic which also included pate, oat cakes, crisps and sweeties – the diet was definitely screwed that day! And to thank her for making such a gorgeous spread I treated us to ice cream later on in the day. Luckily for us Yvonne’s little boy L didn’t mind being dragged around the shops, he did end up with an umbrella or rumberella as he was calling it. South Queensferry has some cute little boutiques and the charity shop we visited was unbelievably cheap.

031 036 035

 1. Antique store window display

2. Scarf display

3. ❤ this quote “I love the way you can take a rainy day and make it glisten with diamonds”

The other reason we went to South Queensferry was for the stunning backgrounds for photo opportunities, unfortunately neither Yvonne nor myself are professional photographers (or very good ones, in my case) so the shots aren’t quite what we aimed for although we did have a giggle taking the pictures.

Staring wistfully into the distance

Staring wistfully into the distance

Indulging her inner hippie

Indulging her inner hippie

How fabby is Yvonne’s floral headband?! Available at Topshop for a very reasonable £14


We found this cute little alleyway to pose in


Dress – Cynthia Rowley via TK Maxx

Belt – Peacocks about a gazillion years ago

Shoes – Primark

Bag – Vintage

Sunglasses – New Look


I’m giving terrible hair in these photos!


Yvonne is wearing:

Dress – Oasis, bought last year but have similar styles in now

Jacket – River Island, stolen from a family member

Sandals – Matalan,  from a gazillion years ago

Bag – Newly purchased for £2 from a charity shop


It wouldn’t be a day/night out without a pic of us doing peace pout!

As the clouds began to darken we headed to Craigleith for some retail therapy where I purchased another Cynthia Rowley dress (post coming soon) and the most fantabulous heels

053 054

Just a lil sneak peek but I will photograph them properly soon.

These gorgeous heels cost £12 from TK Maxx and I think they will go nicely with 99% of my wardrobe and accessories including the necklace I picked up from the charity shop for £1 earlier on in the day


Overall a great day out with the best company and fun to discover new shops 🙂

L    x

April Round Up

Here’s what’s been occupying me this past month:



Avon purchases: used this moisturiser before and quite like it as a value buy. Bought the makeup remover to try to shift stubborn mascara and eyeliner which my cleanser just doesn’t remove properly, not entirely sold on this but it’s not bad. The lipstick reminds me of a Revlon one I bought last year. Wore it twice then lost it. Makes a welcome change from my standard red.


Had to say goodbye to our beautiful bull mastiff Roxy. She had been ill for ages and it was time to put her down. Absolutely devastated as she was a member of the family not just a pet. My 5 year old niece had the best view point about it “Roxy’s in heaven with Granda and Amy Winehouse now”.


Had my nails Shellac’d by the lovely Jade


I was invited to a wedding but forgot to take any outfit photos! Wore my Star by Julien Macdonald dress with my favourite shoes EVER! I’ve had these blue Carvelas for about 4 years and have only worn them a handful of times. Was near to tears when, just as I got home from the wedding, the heel snapped. Sad times.

073 074

I posted about this Zara skirt here. Needless to say my self esteem has taken a massive knock since trying on a large and it not fitting! Yes I am a bit fat but having owned Zara clothing before I was confused until numerous other folk have agreed with me the sizing is crazy! Shame as I do love the skirt and had planned on wearing it  to the Bloggers Event which I attended on Monday 29th April (post coming soon).

chic&unique necklace 127

Carla and I wandered around Stockbridge, my favourite area of Edinburgh, on a sunny day and marvelled at the goodies in Chic&Unique. Had to try this tiara on and do my best Amy Farrah Fowler impression “It’s a tiaraaaaaaaaaaa”! Big Bang fans will know what I’m going on about.

I wore this Pearl Lowe dress with bare legs, my red Cambridge satchel, a red cardigan from Primark, vintage sunglasses and striped blue flats from New Look.


Ooh and I’m also excited about finally having an iPhone since my Blackberry went to phone heaven. Follow me on Instagram since I will be Instagraming the shit outta all my photos like every other blogger.

L   x