July RoundUp

July has been a fabby month – glorious weather, trip to London, lots of animals and birthday fun 🙂

Here’s what it looked like in picture form:

001 073

I’m putting weight back on and I blame my lack of will power when it comes to yummy puddings!

072 107 064 079 089

My niece and I had a blast at Edinburgh Zoo one very sunny day. Our impromptu trip ended up costing me a fortune but we had bags of fun so it was all worth it. My particular favourite animals are the tigers but I didn’t manage to get a decent photo. Thankfully Mya wasn’t bothered about seeing the pandas, just as well as all the bookings were sold out.

The weather was scorching and despite wearing SPF 25 I still managed to get burnt


That white banana shaped mark is from my necklace – I’m so smart sometimes.

119 176 188 198 161

Yet more London photos! I HAD to buy Laduree macarons, also tried some from Fortnum and Mason too. The caramel filled churro is without doubt the best food I have ever eaten. It was from one of the food stalls at Greenwich market. I would quite happily be the size of a house if I could live off these for the rest of my days!


SpencerClothing have named a skirt after me! They’ve named pieces from their newest collection after some of their Twitter followers which I think is a great idea. I’m ever so pleased with the skirt and am coveting quite a few of the other pieces. SpencerClothing design ladieswear right here in Edinburgh and as I’m very much in support of local businesses I’ve been following these guys on Twitter for quite a while. Feel like I kinda HAVE to buy my namesake skirt now 😉

009 011

Yet more goodies from JiJi KiKi. This time I opted for the Jewellery lucky bag. Worth £20 but only costing a tenner you get a random selection of jewellery and I was impressed with the quality of the pieces especially the necklaces. I couldn’t wait to wear the camera necklace and have rarely taken it off since receiving it.

016 069 070 085 july ru2 july ru3

A zoo trip and a safari park trip in one month. I was more excited than half the little kids at Blair Drummond Safari Park. It’s been a few years since I was last there, I have some great memories of visiting as a child. Most memorable was years ago when my little brother, who’s now 20 but we never let him forget this, shouted out “look at the dancing camels” needless to say the camels weren’t actually dancing but getting fresh with each other. The big cats are my favourite animals and we repeated “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” over and over again. The sea lion show was fantastic and as we were there for my niece’s 6th birthday I asked the show’s host if he could mention it. He did one better than mention it, he had the audience sing happy birthday to a mortified Mya although she did love the sea lions for barking along.

july ru4

Yes I was made to go on the pedalos despite me wearing heels and struggling to get into the damn boat. The life jacket was a struggle to get fastened over my boobs and it didn’t help when my darling niece announced (loudly) “oh LeeLee just get the man’s one, that’ll fit over your big boobs” Out of the mouths of babes and all that. I do love this photo though, the look of concentration on her face is so cute and we are both holding the same position.

087 099

Proving yet again what a proper little mini-me she is, Mya chose this unicorn “tattoo” all by herself. It’s amazing, I was sorely tempted to get one for myself. We both had a little nap in the car coming back from the safari park. Stirling isn’t very far from Edinburgh but all that playing at the awesome park must have knackered us out.

july ru 1 110

With cake and lollipop trees like these I want it to be MY birthday!

A busy and fun filled month, I’ve loved July. It’s also my bestest’s birthday month but we are waiting until the 9th for her birthday night out. I’m expecting carnage. And a 3 day hangover.

What have you been up to this past month? Any recommendations for avoiding hangovers?!

L     x


City Dressing

As mentioned here I recently spent a long weekend in London. With the temperatures topping 30 degrees each day a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe was required. Below is a selection of photos of my outfits. For 4 days away I ended up taking 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of sunglasses and 3 handbags!

blbc 18

The only time I wore heels the whole weekend :O I jazzed up this New Look dress with my Cambridge Satchel and Alexander McQueen scarf.

blbc 7

Looking like a chubby tennis player! This was the hat I bought at Greenwich Market and I’ve worn it to death already.

blbc 13

My Cynthia Rowley dress recieved many compliments, I kept the accessories simple with my Primark necklace and gold ballet pumps.

blbc 5

All I bought from Harrods was a MAC lipstick, a gorgeous pink called Impassioned that I could have bought from Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh but I wanted a Harrods carrier bag!

blbc 1

Basic black New Look dress with Peacocks sandals, Zara bag and vintage sunnies.

sawm dress

I already posted this photo here but it’s the only shot I have of the JiJi KiKi dress

My travelling outfits weren’t worth posting – just basic maxi dresses and converse.

My style in London was very relaxed – flat shoes and hardly any accessories, how unlike me. I blame the scorching sun.

What are your essentials for a weekend break?

L   x

Bright Lights In The Big City

Cheesy title yes but I’m still grinning from having THE most amazing time in London a couple of weekends ago.

I spent Friday to the Monday in the capital with my mum and 4 others, our primary reason for visiting was to see Michael Buble in concert and even though we were sat in the heavens for the show he sure didn’t disappoint! Below are some of my favourite photos:

127 152

Yes we really did buy Prince Harry and David Beckham masks!


Being proper tourists on the open top bus. Everytime Linda pulled out the map I had to quote Joey from Friends “Step into the map”, naturally she found this annoying the more I kept doing it.

blbc 3

I know it doesn’t look like her but I swear this is Barbara Windsor. We saw her while shopping (or in my case window browsing) in Burlington Arcade.

blbc 6

Arrrgh this seriously freaked me out. This street performer was pulling in all the crowds in Convent Garden as he sat in thin air! I know it’s just a trick but my pea brain still can’t fathom exactly how he’s doing this.

blbc 8

Drinking yummy cocktails on the roof top terrace bar of the Hayward Gallery where wheelbarrows had been turned into seats. Was a particularly fab night.

blbc 10

Not a massive fan of mexican food but the food here was delicious and the amazing Southbank views were stunning. Obviously a popular eaterie the welcoming atmosphere made me feel like I was on holiday abroad.

blbc 11

I’m just sitting this far away from Linda because of my ghostly white pallor. Yes I really am that pale.

blbc 14

Yup King’s Cross actually has a Platform 9  3/4s. As an avid Harry Potter fan this amused me muchly.

blbc 17

More Southbank scenery


Didn’t have time to go to Camden Market so we hit up Greenwich instead where I bought a hat for me and some baby clothes for my sister’s bump

blbc 19

I swear I still haven’t stopped smiling, my jaw actually ached after the concert from grinning inanely so much. The man is suave and charming and funny and boy can he sing!

blbc 4

Just casually chilling at my boyfriend’s granny’s house 😉

And although I don’t have photos of it, seeing the David Bowie exhibition at the V & A was another highlight of our trip, I could have spent the whole day at the exhibition had we not had dinner reservations. If you have the chance to go see it I would seriously recommend it.

I had an absolute blast while I was away and could even work the tube and everything – I’m dead smart in that London!

Will post soon about my outfits.

L   x

Sail Away With Me

So waaaaaay back here I mentioned how much I love Jiji Kiki‘s website and especially this dress so imagine my delight when those wonderful peoples at JiJi KiKi sent me it!

I was about to embark on a trip to the zoo with me adorable niece recently but couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. The fashion gods must have smiled upon me as 2 seconds after muttering “I have nothing to wear” my parcel arrived from JiJi KiKi. I immediately changed into the dress and went out to enjoy the sunshine.


I paired the dress with: denim waistcoat from New Look, bag from Zara, vintage sunnies and Primark necklace.


Photos aren’t the greatest but then again they were taken by a 5 year old!

The pattern on this pink dress is little sail boats although at first glance I thought they were watermelon segments – I’m blaming too much sun frazzling my brain!


Not sure why this looks red because the dress is definitely pink.

I then did something I NEVER do – I wore the same dress 3 days later (friend’s of mine will be in shock right about now). I spent a fabulous weekend in that London seeing the swoonsome Michael Buble in concert and wore this dress out to dinner one night.

sawm dress

It looks like I’m preggo here – I’m totally not. I am sporting the world’s biggest food baby and trying to hide it with my Julien Macdonald clutch bag. A very casual look from me but the weather was freakishly warm even at night and we were walking miles and miles so flat shoes were a requirement.

One of the things I love about this dress is that it can be easily dress up or down and is interesting enough in print and shape to be worn with basic accessories without me worrying about it looking boring. Another great aspect of this dress is the longer hem at the back, meaning when I wear it during crappy weather I won’t have to worry about flashing my granny panties to strangers in the street.

Whaddya think of my dress? Have you shopped with JiJi KiKi before?

L    x

London Wishlist

I’m heading to London in July to see the swoonsome Michael Buble in concert and spending the weekend there exploring and shopping. Since London is the fashion capital I’m anxious to make sure I look my best, plus I’m envisioning “bumping” into Prince Harry 😉 Although I like to look at photos of the London street style it’s not a look I could pull off so I’m gonna stick to items within my comfort zone. I’ve been warned not to take a huge suitcase but c.mon we are going from the Friday to the Monday so I’m going to need a fair few items!

Here’s the items I can imagine wearing while I’m away although in reality I’ll be stuck wearing the same old clothes that I currently own:

Miss Patina £68.80

Miss Patina £68.80

Very pretty and ladylike.

I can imagine wearing this when Harry invites me to Buckingham Palace. Me, delusional?! never!

Gorgeous colour and lovely detailing on the bag, this could work for day or night.

We are going out for a fancy dinner one night so I’d wear this with my black Carvela heels and a sparkly black clutch bag I already own.

These nude wedges would go with the majority of the outfits I’ve picked and they’d be comfortable enough for sight seeing.

Could be worn with the Miss Patina dress or the Only jeans.

A great statement piece which could easily smarten up a basic tee.

Would look great against the coral maxi dress and also with a basic tee to wear with the Only jeans.

Again another item that could be worn for day or night.

I’m seriously considering buying this dress and wearing with my trusty leather jacket.


Very pretty for summer although I’d pair it with black accessories to stop it looking too twee.

I’d wear with a black cami, leather jacket, tonnes of eye liner and attitude!

Jazzing up a basic staple with the croc effect.

Would go with loads of my existing wardrobe as well as the Only jeans.

Only £27.95

Only £27.95

Brilliant colour for summer.

For evening these could be smartened up with aforementioned Carvela heels and the fab Three Floor top.

July needs to hurry up as I’m FAR too excited about this trip already. Have planned to visit Harrods, Selfridges, Madame Tussauds, Camden Market and star spot in Chelsea. Although if I buy these clothes I won’t have any money to spend in that London! Any recommendations of places I should go? Or restaurants I should try? Any fashiony events I should attend or shops I HAVE to check out?


L       x