Raiding The Wardrobe Of Others

I wouldn’t say I have a certain style when it comes to clothes although I’ll always favour a dress over a pair of trousers any day but one thing I do like about having such a diverse taste in clothes is raiding the wardrobes of my nearest and dearest. I just had a week off work and I spent 3 days at Yvonne’s which consisted of watching movies, clearing through hordes of beauty products and carving pumpkins! The bestest was kind enough to let me rummage through her wardrobe although I wasn’t lucky enough to blag any goodies (this time!). Yvonne is a bit of a dress junkie like myself but as we have such different body shapes I tried on some stlyes that I wouldn’t usually wear to some mixed results.

Excuse the bad hair I’m giving.

074 076 077

I ❤ this River Island dress. From the front. From the back is just a mega mess, the pleats don’t sit right and make me look like I have a big arse which I actually don’t have. Tis such a shame as I feel quite Audrey-esque in this dress.

078 080

This dress gives the illusion of the figure I wish I really had! Have told Yvonne I’ll be borrowing this at some point in the near future.

084 081

This Phase Eight dress is lovely but miles too long for my short arse frame.

086 087

My boobs are too big for this River Island dress and despite it being quite covered up I felt very naked in it!

089 090

Another Phase Eight dress. Not normally a print I would go for but again I’m liking the dress, can see me buying quite a dew dress this shape.


New shape but this Coast dress is completely the wrong colour for me. I do believe they have it in black and white so may have to check that out.



Another dress that I will be “borrowing” the back is so pretty and the dress flares nicely when you spin which is obviously a very important aspect when picking a dress.

Do you steal pieces from friend’s wardrobes? Any other styles you think I should try?

L   x


Liking The Look Of….

I kind of need this jumper in my life – it would work equally with well skinnies or over dresses. And it’s animal print. It practically deserves to live in my wardrobe.

Monki £30

Monki £30

I already have a red dress but I like the sleeves on this one and it’s a decent price. I could dress this up or down easily.

JijiKiki £12

JijiKiki £12

Oooooooooh look at the pretty sparkles. I’m a magpie for anything shiny or glittery.

Dolly Dagger £73.25

Dolly Dagger £73.25

I just know that this would get referred to as roadkill if I ever wore it to the pub but I freakin love this

Pretty much sums up how I feel about men at the moment!

FD Avenue £15.99

FD Avenue £15.99

Pretty casual for me but this is sweet, really like it.

So there’s another wishlist. Why oh why can’t I have lots of money?!

Do you like my picks?

L    x

You’ll Never See Me Wear A Suit Of White

I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan so it was only appropriate to have one of his lyrics as today’s post title.

My first day off in over a week and I still ended up wearing a predominately black outfit!


Hat: Vintage

Tee: Bathroom Wall

Cardigan: New Look

Trousers: H&M 

Boots: Debenhams

Bag: Zara

I’ve had this tee for about 2 years now but they still stock it on the website Bathroom Wall which sells thousands of different music/band clothing. I have a few Johnny Cash tshirts from various retailers but this is probably my favourite.

I’ve barely taken this cardigan off since buying it and whenever I wear it there’s always someone who feels the need to stroke it!

These trousers get worn on such a regular occurrence there’s nowt much I can say about them except how comfortable they are and the print makes me feel a teeny tiny bit more stylish when I wear them as part of a casual outfit.

The boots aren’t actually mine, they belong to the momma, who is on holibags so I am raiding her accessories.




The ring is from Primark and the bracelet River Island

This morning saw me and Carla getting our eyebrows threaded followed by a spot of shopping and some lunch.

This afternoon my niece, sister and I took our dog Lloyd for a walk. Obviously those red Debenhams boots weren’t made for (dog)walking so I swapped them for some black and white Converse (again belonging to my mum)

038 032 034


Whaddya think of my outfit? Do you have an item that makes you a casual outfit feel more dressed up?

L     x

City Dressing

As mentioned here I recently spent a long weekend in London. With the temperatures topping 30 degrees each day a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe was required. Below is a selection of photos of my outfits. For 4 days away I ended up taking 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of sunglasses and 3 handbags!

blbc 18

The only time I wore heels the whole weekend :O I jazzed up this New Look dress with my Cambridge Satchel and Alexander McQueen scarf.

blbc 7

Looking like a chubby tennis player! This was the hat I bought at Greenwich Market and I’ve worn it to death already.

blbc 13

My Cynthia Rowley dress recieved many compliments, I kept the accessories simple with my Primark necklace and gold ballet pumps.

blbc 5

All I bought from Harrods was a MAC lipstick, a gorgeous pink called Impassioned that I could have bought from Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh but I wanted a Harrods carrier bag!

blbc 1

Basic black New Look dress with Peacocks sandals, Zara bag and vintage sunnies.

sawm dress

I already posted this photo here but it’s the only shot I have of the JiJi KiKi dress

My travelling outfits weren’t worth posting – just basic maxi dresses and converse.

My style in London was very relaxed – flat shoes and hardly any accessories, how unlike me. I blame the scorching sun.

What are your essentials for a weekend break?

L   x

People Be Crazy

It looks like Summer has officially arrived and today saw highs of 21 degrees in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I was working all day and only managed to soak up some rays and a much-needed dose of vitamin D during my lunch break. I sat in Princes Street gardens and admired many handsome topless men (cos I’m a perv like that) when a sight you don’t see every day came strolling towards me – a boychild wearing the shortest shorts I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. I wish I’d taken a photo but my brain was in shock at the sight before me! Seriously these shorts looked like hotpants more commonly seen on hookers in movies. It’s not as even though he had a particular good physique.

Imagine a fatter version of this topless

Imagine a fatter version of this topless

He had obviously styled his look on Joey Essex of TOWIE fame, a look no one should ever replicate.  The guy was just casually wandering along listening to music through ridiculously large headphones, not a care in the world and oblivious to the incredulous looks from those around him.

On my way home I then encountered another guy in a bizarre ensemble, this time a guy in his 50s wearing a wolf fleece. No the weather hadn’t changed dramatically, the sun was still splitting the stones, but this guy was wearing a fleece. Not just a fleece but a WOLF fleece! I’ve seen these fleeces worn before, god awful things even in winter but mind-boggling on a day like today.

Not the exact fleece but close enough!

Not the exact fleece but close enough!

Now I’m all for animal print clothing but this is an assault on the eyeballs.

Surely there must be a happy medium between the 2 extremes I witnessed today? Is it the sunshine frazzling people’s’ brains that makes them dress strangely? Have you witnessed any bizarre outfits this summer?

L       x

And We Won’t Be Found

Title is a song lyric from Passenger’s song The Last Unicorn

Animal motif clothing is hardly innovative but lately the animal of choice seems to be the unicorn. Trendsetters that we are Yvonne, Carla and myself have been obsessed with all things unicorn related for a few years now thanks to an in-joke.

unicorn quote

I’m actually pleased about the influx of unicorn apparel and accessories and this is my pick of the best around.

£28 by Brat & Suzie at La La Land

 Brat & Suzie at La La Land

This dress is also available at Topshop and has been seen on Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame

Are you a fan of unicorn clothing? Any other websites selling unicorn accessories I should check out?

L     x

London Wishlist

I’m heading to London in July to see the swoonsome Michael Buble in concert and spending the weekend there exploring and shopping. Since London is the fashion capital I’m anxious to make sure I look my best, plus I’m envisioning “bumping” into Prince Harry 😉 Although I like to look at photos of the London street style it’s not a look I could pull off so I’m gonna stick to items within my comfort zone. I’ve been warned not to take a huge suitcase but c.mon we are going from the Friday to the Monday so I’m going to need a fair few items!

Here’s the items I can imagine wearing while I’m away although in reality I’ll be stuck wearing the same old clothes that I currently own:

Miss Patina £68.80

Miss Patina £68.80

Very pretty and ladylike.

I can imagine wearing this when Harry invites me to Buckingham Palace. Me, delusional?! never!

Gorgeous colour and lovely detailing on the bag, this could work for day or night.

We are going out for a fancy dinner one night so I’d wear this with my black Carvela heels and a sparkly black clutch bag I already own.

These nude wedges would go with the majority of the outfits I’ve picked and they’d be comfortable enough for sight seeing.

Could be worn with the Miss Patina dress or the Only jeans.

A great statement piece which could easily smarten up a basic tee.

Would look great against the coral maxi dress and also with a basic tee to wear with the Only jeans.

Again another item that could be worn for day or night.

I’m seriously considering buying this dress and wearing with my trusty leather jacket.


Very pretty for summer although I’d pair it with black accessories to stop it looking too twee.

I’d wear with a black cami, leather jacket, tonnes of eye liner and attitude!

Jazzing up a basic staple with the croc effect.

Would go with loads of my existing wardrobe as well as the Only jeans.

Only £27.95

Only £27.95

Brilliant colour for summer.

For evening these could be smartened up with aforementioned Carvela heels and the fab Three Floor top.

July needs to hurry up as I’m FAR too excited about this trip already. Have planned to visit Harrods, Selfridges, Madame Tussauds, Camden Market and star spot in Chelsea. Although if I buy these clothes I won’t have any money to spend in that London! Any recommendations of places I should go? Or restaurants I should try? Any fashiony events I should attend or shops I HAVE to check out?


L       x