Blogger Event at The West Port

So a couple of weeks ago I was invited along to a bloggers event at The West Port in Linlithgow along with a bunch of other Scottish bloggers to try out the new menu after an extensive refurbishment. Treated to a glass of Prosecco upon arrival, our mouths quickly started watering as the staff set down the first lot of seafood platters. The only downside to a bloggers event like this is having to wait until everyone has taken photos before actually eating!


006 007

The food was fantastic, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my favourite dish, the slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, my mouth is actually watering just at the thought of it.

We bloggers sure are a lucky bunch sometimes and the unlimited wine at The West Port was a major perk!

After a quick look around the hotel we settled down for pudding and all I can say is the sticky toffee pudding is one of the best I’ve tried and believe me I’ve eaten ALOT of puddings in my time!

014 010

Following out visit to The West Port a photo of us all appeared in The Edinburgh Evening News where we were refered to as fashionistas!

evening news photo


Some of the other girls left early and left it to us lushes to indulge in the wine, I think I was the one of the only ones to be hangover free in the morning 😉

love zigzag dress

As I may have mentioned before I’m a bit crap when it comes to taking outfit photos so didn’t get any snaps of my dress but I wore this In Love With Fashion dress.

I had a great evening tasting yummy food and catching up with the other bloggers (Jade, Lynne, Gillian, Kirsty, Terri, Laura, Lynsey, Iona and Kirstie)

The West Port is the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon and I for one will be heading back soon for some more of that pulled pork.

L  x


April Round Up

Here’s what’s been occupying me this past month:



Avon purchases: used this moisturiser before and quite like it as a value buy. Bought the makeup remover to try to shift stubborn mascara and eyeliner which my cleanser just doesn’t remove properly, not entirely sold on this but it’s not bad. The lipstick reminds me of a Revlon one I bought last year. Wore it twice then lost it. Makes a welcome change from my standard red.


Had to say goodbye to our beautiful bull mastiff Roxy. She had been ill for ages and it was time to put her down. Absolutely devastated as she was a member of the family not just a pet. My 5 year old niece had the best view point about it “Roxy’s in heaven with Granda and Amy Winehouse now”.


Had my nails Shellac’d by the lovely Jade


I was invited to a wedding but forgot to take any outfit photos! Wore my Star by Julien Macdonald dress with my favourite shoes EVER! I’ve had these blue Carvelas for about 4 years and have only worn them a handful of times. Was near to tears when, just as I got home from the wedding, the heel snapped. Sad times.

073 074

I posted about this Zara skirt here. Needless to say my self esteem has taken a massive knock since trying on a large and it not fitting! Yes I am a bit fat but having owned Zara clothing before I was confused until numerous other folk have agreed with me the sizing is crazy! Shame as I do love the skirt and had planned on wearing it  to the Bloggers Event which I attended on Monday 29th April (post coming soon).

chic&unique necklace 127

Carla and I wandered around Stockbridge, my favourite area of Edinburgh, on a sunny day and marvelled at the goodies in Chic&Unique. Had to try this tiara on and do my best Amy Farrah Fowler impression “It’s a tiaraaaaaaaaaaa”! Big Bang fans will know what I’m going on about.

I wore this Pearl Lowe dress with bare legs, my red Cambridge satchel, a red cardigan from Primark, vintage sunglasses and striped blue flats from New Look.


Ooh and I’m also excited about finally having an iPhone since my Blackberry went to phone heaven. Follow me on Instagram since I will be Instagraming the shit outta all my photos like every other blogger.

L   x