“Promises, Promises” outfit I wore for a hen do recently

"Promises, Promises" outfit I wore for a hen do recently

Chi Chi sleeveless dress
£25 – modcloth.com

Pandora sterling silver cz ring
£35 – bloomingdales.com

Benefit false eyelash


Harvey Nichols & Grazia Beauty Event

I do like a wee beauty event at Harvey Nicks so I jumped at the chance to attend the Harvey Nichols and Grazia event at the Edinburgh store on Wednesday 8th May. I browsed the store with Jade and our friend Charis although both girls had their cars so it was just lil ole me enjoying the free fizz!


We spoke to a Grazia makeup artist who told Chris to try a MAC eyeshadow to fill in her brows. Usually at these events I buy MAC lipsticks cos let’s face it, a girl can never have too many lipsticks and I love the matte version. However I opted for something different and splurged on Benefit products. As a packaging whore the Benefit products always appeal to me and I’ve been using their Hoola bronzer for years. I blogged about the cabana glama kit here and love it so when the lovely Benefit lady told me about it being reduced from £29 down to £19 I HAD to snap it up! Also because our tickets to the event were redeemable against a purchase I ended up getting the kit for £9. Yes you read that right. £9!


I also bought one of the ultra plush lip glosses in a gorgeous coral colour called Poutrageous that I’ve worn everyday since buying it. The art deco style packaging is a nice touch.


Because I bought 2 products I was given a Benefit goody bag which consisted of decent sized samples.


Jade and Charis posed at Fifi Lapins and we had the chance to win a bumper goody bag by colouring in drawings of the uber stylish bunny.


Our goody bags were Fifi Lapin shoppers with various perfume samples and skincare. To have a full look at it check out the Vine video on my Twitter page.

L    x

Harvey Nichols Speed Beauty Event

On Tuesday night Jade, Yvonne, Charis, Claire and I joined many other beauty junkies at Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols for their Speed Beauty Event. Free Champagne, a super cute pink train and goody bags made for a great evening.

speed beauty3

speed beauty2

The train was the main area for the Speed “dating” event. Claire and I visited one of the little compartments to find out more about Molecule perfume. I have heard of the brand before as my mum wears their 01 scent but the lovely consultant June explained how Molecule is different from other fragrances in that it works with your bodys phermones. Wearers often can’t smell the perfume on themselves but others can. It can also be layered over different scents.  Harvey Nichols is the only Scottish seller of the scents made by This Company.

speed beauty4

The staff on all the beauty counters were more than helpful yet it didn’t feel they were trying too hard to push their products onto you. I used to wear Chanel’s Marilyn lipstick but it was discontinued a few years ago, I was offered an alternative but it wasn’t quite right.

speed beauty1

I opted for my usual Mac in Russian Red as it is my signature colour and I was down to my last tube on it. Thanks to the £10 ticket being redeemable against a purchase I only spent £4 on my lipstick. Happy days. I was a VERY good girl on the evening and only purchased the one item however I did blag some perfume samples from Balenciaga  and Roberto Cavalli. We also received goody bags which housed more perfume samples and sachets of various Macadamia Hair treatments which I’m excited to try.

Overall a fantastic night, can’t wait for the next event.

Bronzed Goddess (yeah right!)

Bit of a different style of post for me today but thought I’d give this a bash.

Benefit. The products are rated and the packaging is gorgeous. I am die-hard fan of Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and have been using it for the past few years now so I was über excited when my wonderful Momma brought me back the Cabana Glama set from her holibags.

 How prettiful is the packaging???

The travel size of these cosmetics makes it ideal to try before committing to buying the full-sized version. After all who these days has the money to spend £23.50 on a foundation which isn’t suitable?

The Some Kinda Glam foundation fixer is actually a godsend. I initially thought it would be too dark for me as it says for a medium complexion and I’m usually Casper like. In the informative little booklet it states you receive a sponge for applying the foundation however I didn’t have a sponge in mines. Having checked the benefit website this is apparently a typo – a sponge is provided with the full-sized Some Kinda Glam NOT the travel sized. Regardless of sponge or no sponge I loved the coverage it gave me.

The Posie Tint can be used on lips and cheeks although I prefer to use it purely on my cheeks as it adds a “youthful” glow.

Apologies for scaring anyone but this is me completely barefaced! And again apologies for the crappy photos – Blackberry cameras are pretty rubbish but it’s all I had at the time.

This is me just wearing the Some Kinda Glam foundation. It felt nice to put on and gave me pale skin a well needed glow.

Feel a bit creepy posting photos of my eye but its too show of the eye shadows. Again thanks to my shan camera you dont get the full effect but I received a fair few compliments on my eyes that night.

SKG, eye shadows and Hoola on as well as my own eyeliner and mascara.

With the PosieTint on my lips and cheeks

I absolutely adore this cosmetic set and would recommend it to anyone. My only little gripe was the lack of mascara. C’mon Benefit mascara is an essential and should have been included in the kit. I cannot leave the house without wearing liquid eyeliner so I added that to the look aswell. The kit costs £28.50 and makes a wonderful gift (again cheers Momma!).

Have you tried Cabana Glama yet? Is there any other kits like this I should be trying?