What’s All The Fuss About…. Caroline Flack?

Caroline Flack annoys me for several reasons:

1) The shorts

2) The nude heels

3) Her hair

4) She’s rumoured to have dated Prince Harry (who is my ideal man)

5) She was quoted in Fabulous Magazine saying she hated having big boobs

I’m not bothered about her having dated Harry Styles (although I do fancy him) or the massive age difference between them and I do feel quite sorry that some so-called 1Direction “fans” were delusional enough to send Caroline death threats via Twitter but these compassionate feelings cannot be overridden by my exasperation at her “uniform” of short shorts and heels.

Yes the Xtra Factor presenter may have nice legs but why does she feel the need to have them out constantly? A quick Google image search comes up with thousands of pictures of Caroline Flack – the majority she has her legs out. I’m not for one second saying she should hide her best asset, I’m all for if you’ve got it flaunt it, but to me she seems to be stuck in a style rut.

Yes nude heels with bare legs may lengthen pins but most images I see of Caroline she is wearing those nude heels.

Unforgivable in my eyes was her wearing shorts to the delectable Dermot O Leary’s wedding. The only positive I can take from the photo below is that she has changed her hair style.

You are at a wedding luv, might wanna try dressing up a bit.

If I were Caroline’s stylist I’d be more inclined to put her in a longer dress such as the ones below:

Acne £420

Matthew Williamson £995

Mason by Michelle Mason £470

All dresses available at Net-A-Porter

What do you think of Caroline Flack’s style? Would you dare to wear shorts to a wedding?