You’ll Never See Me Wear A Suit Of White

I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan so it was only appropriate to have one of his lyrics as today’s post title.

My first day off in over a week and I still ended up wearing a predominately black outfit!


Hat: Vintage

Tee: Bathroom Wall

Cardigan: New Look

Trousers: H&M 

Boots: Debenhams

Bag: Zara

I’ve had this tee for about 2 years now but they still stock it on the website Bathroom Wall which sells thousands of different music/band clothing. I have a few Johnny Cash tshirts from various retailers but this is probably my favourite.

I’ve barely taken this cardigan off since buying it and whenever I wear it there’s always someone who feels the need to stroke it!

These trousers get worn on such a regular occurrence there’s nowt much I can say about them except how comfortable they are and the print makes me feel a teeny tiny bit more stylish when I wear them as part of a casual outfit.

The boots aren’t actually mine, they belong to the momma, who is on holibags so I am raiding her accessories.




The ring is from Primark and the bracelet River Island

This morning saw me and Carla getting our eyebrows threaded followed by a spot of shopping and some lunch.

This afternoon my niece, sister and I took our dog Lloyd for a walk. Obviously those red Debenhams boots weren’t made for (dog)walking so I swapped them for some black and white Converse (again belonging to my mum)

038 032 034


Whaddya think of my outfit? Do you have an item that makes you a casual outfit feel more dressed up?

L     x

How I Wore… Multiple Animal Prints!

Mixing animal prints is probably a sartorial faux-pas  but I frequently do it and today was no exception with me clashing prints on shoes and handbag. On this gloriously sunny day (hello summer) I wore my new Cynthia Rowley dress which was newly purchased in TK Maxx the other day. Although they don’t have this dress on the website you can have a peek here to other styles or rummage around your local store which is what I love doing. I can spend many an hour scouring the rails and nearly always end up leaving any TK Maxx store with at least one pair of shoes!



This dress is ideal for me as it can be easily dressed up or down and the colour opportunities for accessories are limitless. And it swishes nicely when you spin which is obviously massively important to everyone, or maybe that’s just me! I’m imaging this dress also making an appearance later on in the year to brighten up winter, paired with thick tights, long boots and knitwear, this will work equally as well as when paired with sandals for summer.


Denim Waistcoat – New Look (last year)

Leopard Print Bag – Peacocks (about 4 years ago)

Zebra Print Wedges – Bank (last year but worn for the first time today!)

Hardly an innovative outfit but think this kind of ensemble may be my go-to look for summer


I’m so glad I have these shoes in my life.

The bag is just a basic across the body bag in a leopard print but it goes with the majority of my wardrobe and I find myself reaching for it on a regular basis.

My photographer for the day was my ever adorable, and rather talented niece Mya – she can take better photos than me already!

various 006

Whaddya think of my dress? Do you ever mix animal prints? Or do you think it’s a fashion no-no?

L   x

How I Wore….. Coloured Skinnies

For someone who owns gazillions of dresses recently I’ve build up quite a collection of trousers – mostly from H&M. These bright ones are also H&M and cost me a bargainous £6.49 in the sale. Those of you who read my post about the event will know that I wore these trousers with a pink top. Today however I opted for pink accessories.



I was trying to pose properly but with Yvonne being the photographer and her son Lewis shouting “Do your flamingo” the end results are quite comical!


Not sure why my arm looks so freakishly big though.



I love the pop of the aqua trousers with the fuschia accessories. Wore this outfit today to meet Yvonne, Christie and Lewis for lunch. Just went to Frankie & Benny’s in Ocean Terminal, food was nice although we had to wait an obscene amount of time for it. Start work at 5 today so I will need to swap my heels for some zebra print flats and I’m good to go.

Top: Peacocks, Trousers: H&M, Bag: DKNY, Sunglasses: Vintage, Shoes: Have had for so long I can’t remember where I bought them from!

L   x

How I Wore… A £6 Dress

Due to my finances being dreadful just now I haven’t been buying ANYTHING clothing or beauty wise until I seen this bottle green skater dress in New Look on the sale rail for £6.

Yes it is basic but I don’t have any other dresses this colour and I knew I’d be able to make it more “me” by adding accessories. To make sure my dresses are suitable for work they must be a decent length, so I don’t flash my bum, and don’t show too much cleavage. I’d hate to give any of the old gits in my work a heart attack by flashing them!


As I said, pretty basic. I then added tights and tan boots as it is unbelievably cold right now and started throwing on accessories.

020 021

The unicorn necklace was a gift from Yvonne



My River Island cardigan and scarf add a bit more texture to the plain ensemble.

OK so the outfit ain’t the most exciting but I’m rather impressed with how my £6 dress turned out.

I’ve not been impressed with New Look’s stuff lately but I did see this playsuit in store however they didn’t have it in my size. Tempted to break the spending ban to buy it.

dotty playsuit £16.99 new look

Whadda ya think about the dress? Should I break the ban for the playsuit?

L  x

How I Wore…. Faux Fur

What I’m Wearing:

Hat – Next

Sunglasses – Vintage

Jumper – Primark

Faux Fur Shrug/waistcoat – Charity Shop

Shorts – River Island

Boots – Peacocks

(All past season stock)

Well I’m breaking all the rules for my body shape – wearing light colours on top – but sometimes you just have to break the rules and I think this outfit works for me. This faux fur shrug was only a couple of pounds from a charity shop in Stockbridge and I’ve worn it quite a few times with jeans or over dresses.

How I Wore….Coloured Jeans

My problem with “casual” outfits is that I tend to over accessorize. This happened to me yesterday. Carla and I decided to go for a long walk along the beach as it was a fairly nice day so we headed for Cramond Island.

What I’m wearing:

Scarf – Vintage Balmain bought from a charity shop

Sunglasses – Vintage

Necklace – Debenhams

Longline Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Next

Bag – River Island (stolen from Yvonne)

I still feel very awkward when posing for outfit photos and I think it shows! We took about 30 photos and I only like about 4, do other bloggers find this or is it just me?

And here’s a photo of my photographer! Love Carla’s oversized scarf, the pompoms are too cute.

I’ve decided that I need to lose weight, I am currently a size 16 and would be happy if I was a size 12/14. I don’t want to do an extreme diets but I will start eating more healthily and do more exercise. With the beach being so close to my house it really is the ideal location to walk a few miles without it feeling like a massive effort.

Not to worry this blog won’t become a weight loss blog but I may post randomly about my weight loss.

How I Wore…. Striped Shorts

This is a first for me- actively posing to show off my outfit for the blog as opposed to posting photos taken from various nights out. Unfortunately the elements were against me as just when we started taking photos the wind decided to start blowing a gale!

Jacket: Peacocks        Jumper: Stolen from my mum!      Shorts: Coleen for Very

Scarf: Alexander McQueen  Shoes: Matalan        Bag: Jasper Conran

This Jasper Conran bag is about 10 years old and was the first “designer” handbag I ever bought myself. I loved, and still love, it for the perspex handles and patent finish. Lately I’ve been feeling monochrome but decided to add splashes of pink to brighten the look up a bit.

Apologies for the unpainted nails, I’m such a bad blogger!

The majority of the jewellery is actually “borrowed” from my sister

I quite like how this outfit looks, it’s very easy to wear and was comfy yet stylish enough for a day of shopping and a spot of lunch with Carla.

How would you wear striped shorts?