My Fave Beauty Products

I was talking to a friend the other day about growing better looking with age (not that I’m big headed or that) but I think a lot of it comes down to cosmetics and the gazillion tutorials available that show you how to apply them. I’m all for people wearing make up if they want to, I’m all for people who choose not to wear make up but personally it makes me feel better.

My friends and family laugh at the weight of my makeup bag and it’s a proper workout having to cart it around when I get asked to do their faces: Megan, Lauren and Linda I’m looking at you guys!

I’m all about the skincare these days as there’s little point in painting your face with a shitload of beauty products if you aren’t taking care of the basics. My go-to make up look is winged black liner and red lips but sometimes I’ll mix it up and go for a coloured eye and pink lip.

Here’s my unfiltered bare face although I do have eyelashes, semi permanent brows and a bit of a tan right now. Yes I am aware I look drunk but no I wasn’t.

To start I’m alllllllllllllll about adding moisture as my face had a tendency to be dry. Nip+Fab are amazing and I cannot live without the Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot now. Honestly the difference in my skin in the few weeks I’ve been using it is immense. Mixed with Sanctuary Spa’s Firm & Smooth Gel Crewe (bargain from TK Maxx) it plumps and hydrates my face. Because I’m not getting any younger and I’ve noticed the crow’s feet creeping in I’ve been using Monu Skin’s eye cool gel that I got in a Glossybox. Lastly Urban Decay’s Quick Fix Priming Spray. It might seem excessive to some but I totally notice the difference in how my makeup lays and lasts if I don’t do this.

Yes I sprayed the Urban Decay primer but that’s more for added moisture, this Nip+Fab Viper Venom Micro Blur really does work it’s magic on the pores. I alternate between this and Benefit’s Porefessional.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve no brand loyalty especially when it comes to foundation. Maybe I just haven’t found the right brand/consistency. Saying that these Revolution ones from Superdrug are cheap and cheerful and I use the shades F4 and F5. The reason for the 2 is depending on how tanned I am and can blend these easily to create the perfect shade.

That’s right I regularly use 11 different makeup brushes for my face but it’s about using the right tools for the right results. The bane of my life is washing all the brushes (I have way more than 11) but needs must. Every 2 weeks without fail you’ll find me spending a couple of hours cleaning my brushes. Time consuming yes but essential for ridding the brushes of bacteria. I’ll pop on a face mask, have a bottle of wine and watch serial killer documentaries while doing it and if they isn’t living my best life then I dunno what is.

Again cheap and cheerful but the Barry M contour duo works for me, I prefer a cream to a powder contour.

There is no way to look glam when mid contour! Once that’s all blended I’ll set it with a translucent powder, this one is another Glossybox product.

I picked up this BH Cosmetics palette when I was in New York in June and have only used it a couple of times but the eyeshadows are super pigmented and easily blendable. The lightest pink one (2nd from the left on the top row) is a mixture of pink and gold and is just dreamy 😍. The packaging is lovely and if I remember correctly this was only about $20.

The Kat Von D liner was another NYC buy and I’ll be sad when it’s finished, why didn’t I buy 2?! Although my brows are tattooed I’ll set them with Benefit’s Gimme Brow in shade 5.

I’ve been using Benefit Hoola for well over a decade and I can’t see me changing bronzer anytime soon. The blusher is another product I picked up through Glossybox and adds just the right amount of colour to my cheeks.

Another NYC buy from Sephora I’ll be stock piling this on Cult Beauty when I run low. I was recently told someone could see my highlighter from the other side of the office and I LOVED that compliment. Some folk are all about a subtle glow: not me! As you can see I’ve used all of the colours and use Marshmallow for the corners of my eyes and brow bone.

Here’s another secret: I seldom use lip liner *gasps* what a shit blogger I am! I got this Karl Lagerfeld+Model Co one from September’s Glossybox so thought I’d give it a go. Can’t say it made much difference tbh

I don’t feel like my face is finished until I douse it in the legendary All Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay. This travel sized one is almost finished so I need to buy a full sized one ASAP. Have tried some other setting sprays but this is my fave.

And that’s my face done! It may seem like a lot of product but it works for me!

Let me know in the comments below your favourite make up brands x


Raiding The Wardrobe Of Others

I wouldn’t say I have a certain style when it comes to clothes although I’ll always favour a dress over a pair of trousers any day but one thing I do like about having such a diverse taste in clothes is raiding the wardrobes of my nearest and dearest. I just had a week off work and I spent 3 days at Yvonne’s which consisted of watching movies, clearing through hordes of beauty products and carving pumpkins! The bestest was kind enough to let me rummage through her wardrobe although I wasn’t lucky enough to blag any goodies (this time!). Yvonne is a bit of a dress junkie like myself but as we have such different body shapes I tried on some stlyes that I wouldn’t usually wear to some mixed results.

Excuse the bad hair I’m giving.

074 076 077

I ❤ this River Island dress. From the front. From the back is just a mega mess, the pleats don’t sit right and make me look like I have a big arse which I actually don’t have. Tis such a shame as I feel quite Audrey-esque in this dress.

078 080

This dress gives the illusion of the figure I wish I really had! Have told Yvonne I’ll be borrowing this at some point in the near future.

084 081

This Phase Eight dress is lovely but miles too long for my short arse frame.

086 087

My boobs are too big for this River Island dress and despite it being quite covered up I felt very naked in it!

089 090

Another Phase Eight dress. Not normally a print I would go for but again I’m liking the dress, can see me buying quite a dew dress this shape.


New shape but this Coast dress is completely the wrong colour for me. I do believe they have it in black and white so may have to check that out.



Another dress that I will be “borrowing” the back is so pretty and the dress flares nicely when you spin which is obviously a very important aspect when picking a dress.

Do you steal pieces from friend’s wardrobes? Any other styles you think I should try?

L   x

You’ll Never See Me Wear A Suit Of White

I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan so it was only appropriate to have one of his lyrics as today’s post title.

My first day off in over a week and I still ended up wearing a predominately black outfit!


Hat: Vintage

Tee: Bathroom Wall

Cardigan: New Look

Trousers: H&M 

Boots: Debenhams

Bag: Zara

I’ve had this tee for about 2 years now but they still stock it on the website Bathroom Wall which sells thousands of different music/band clothing. I have a few Johnny Cash tshirts from various retailers but this is probably my favourite.

I’ve barely taken this cardigan off since buying it and whenever I wear it there’s always someone who feels the need to stroke it!

These trousers get worn on such a regular occurrence there’s nowt much I can say about them except how comfortable they are and the print makes me feel a teeny tiny bit more stylish when I wear them as part of a casual outfit.

The boots aren’t actually mine, they belong to the momma, who is on holibags so I am raiding her accessories.




The ring is from Primark and the bracelet River Island

This morning saw me and Carla getting our eyebrows threaded followed by a spot of shopping and some lunch.

This afternoon my niece, sister and I took our dog Lloyd for a walk. Obviously those red Debenhams boots weren’t made for (dog)walking so I swapped them for some black and white Converse (again belonging to my mum)

038 032 034


Whaddya think of my outfit? Do you have an item that makes you a casual outfit feel more dressed up?

L     x

August Round-Up

It’s been quiet on the blog front lately but that’s because I’ve been a busy little bee this past month with seeing a few shows at the Edinburgh fringe and still trying to get used to working 2 jobs. Enough of the excuses though – on to photos of my life from August:


Yay! I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Clinique Super City Block. Had been trying to track it down for months but it was sold out everywhere. Eventually managed to buy it from Debenhams during one of their sale days so only spent £17.30 on it 🙂

As someone who has ridiculously pale skin (i may have mentioned before I have the skin of a ginger but not the hair colour) the SPF 40 means I can wear my sunglasses without running the risk of getting panda eyes which I inevitably do every year.


LOVE this photo of me and the bestest. A catch up in the pub, she called my outfit – black and white printed H&M trousers, black Johnny Cash t-shirt and vintage black bowler hat – “interesting” which meant she hated it however I don’t care, I like that outfit. Only a true friend can say shit like that to you without causing offense!


Hotel Chocolat Mojito truffles – possibly the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten. There is a Hotel Chocolat not far from my work but I have resisted going in very often due to the ever-expanding waistline issue.

020 021

Such an attractive face to make

Such an attractive face to make

me glasses


Sick of my hair colour and fancying a change I opted to go blonde however my hair is a pain in the arse to colour and I ended up with bright orange roots – such a good look. My hair dresser then buggered off on holiday (jammy cow) and I had to resort to half a tin of dry shampoo each day just to lighten it. It has since been fixed.

There is mixed opinions on my new colour. One of the most bizarre comments has been that I look like a “chubby version of Helen Flanagan” needless to say I wasn’t overly pleased about the chubby part but was more upset about the Helen Flanagan part! Yes I can be ditzy but I sincerely hope I don’t come across as brain-dead as she did on I’m A Celeb.

helen-flanagan Helen-Flanagan-1838983

I just don’t see it! What’s more disturbing is that people in the pub I work in are now calling me Helen. Perhaps it is time to go a bit darker again although I think my hairdresser may kill me considering it took about 8 hours in all to get my hair all the one (non orange) shade.

008 011 012

I had a brilliant and rather drunken night out in a gay club with a couple of friends recently where I danced my socks off and ended up with a bit of a fan club! Rubbish photos but fantastic night out. I went straight from work so wearing a basic black New Look dress, my snake skin Guess heels and zebra print Julien Macdonald clutch bag. During August most pubs and clubs in Edinburgh have a late licence due to the Fringe festival. It seemed like such a good idea to go out until 5a,m however my hangover when working in the pub the next again day reminded me I am an actual idiot sometimes!

Festival wise I was lucky enough to see both Chris Ramsey and Jason Byrne, was in stitches at the Chris Ramsey show. Also went on our annual excursion to see The Ladyboys Of Bangkok with several family members, we never fail to have a great time. I spent most of the show deliberating which body parts I wanted from each of the cast members. Bad times when you are jealous of a man’s body! And slightly disturbing how much I coveted alot of the costumes.


Insane face with the momma. She’s sick of the sight of me wearing that hat.


There’s a reason for this. I just can’t remember why. Standard behaviour for our nights out.


My partner in crime, Ashley, and I decided to drink bottles of Prosecco all night, luckily there was no hangovers in the morning.

I’m sure there’s been much more happened but as I have the attention span of a goldfish…….

L  x

July RoundUp

July has been a fabby month – glorious weather, trip to London, lots of animals and birthday fun 🙂

Here’s what it looked like in picture form:

001 073

I’m putting weight back on and I blame my lack of will power when it comes to yummy puddings!

072 107 064 079 089

My niece and I had a blast at Edinburgh Zoo one very sunny day. Our impromptu trip ended up costing me a fortune but we had bags of fun so it was all worth it. My particular favourite animals are the tigers but I didn’t manage to get a decent photo. Thankfully Mya wasn’t bothered about seeing the pandas, just as well as all the bookings were sold out.

The weather was scorching and despite wearing SPF 25 I still managed to get burnt


That white banana shaped mark is from my necklace – I’m so smart sometimes.

119 176 188 198 161

Yet more London photos! I HAD to buy Laduree macarons, also tried some from Fortnum and Mason too. The caramel filled churro is without doubt the best food I have ever eaten. It was from one of the food stalls at Greenwich market. I would quite happily be the size of a house if I could live off these for the rest of my days!


SpencerClothing have named a skirt after me! They’ve named pieces from their newest collection after some of their Twitter followers which I think is a great idea. I’m ever so pleased with the skirt and am coveting quite a few of the other pieces. SpencerClothing design ladieswear right here in Edinburgh and as I’m very much in support of local businesses I’ve been following these guys on Twitter for quite a while. Feel like I kinda HAVE to buy my namesake skirt now 😉

009 011

Yet more goodies from JiJi KiKi. This time I opted for the Jewellery lucky bag. Worth £20 but only costing a tenner you get a random selection of jewellery and I was impressed with the quality of the pieces especially the necklaces. I couldn’t wait to wear the camera necklace and have rarely taken it off since receiving it.

016 069 070 085 july ru2 july ru3

A zoo trip and a safari park trip in one month. I was more excited than half the little kids at Blair Drummond Safari Park. It’s been a few years since I was last there, I have some great memories of visiting as a child. Most memorable was years ago when my little brother, who’s now 20 but we never let him forget this, shouted out “look at the dancing camels” needless to say the camels weren’t actually dancing but getting fresh with each other. The big cats are my favourite animals and we repeated “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” over and over again. The sea lion show was fantastic and as we were there for my niece’s 6th birthday I asked the show’s host if he could mention it. He did one better than mention it, he had the audience sing happy birthday to a mortified Mya although she did love the sea lions for barking along.

july ru4

Yes I was made to go on the pedalos despite me wearing heels and struggling to get into the damn boat. The life jacket was a struggle to get fastened over my boobs and it didn’t help when my darling niece announced (loudly) “oh LeeLee just get the man’s one, that’ll fit over your big boobs” Out of the mouths of babes and all that. I do love this photo though, the look of concentration on her face is so cute and we are both holding the same position.

087 099

Proving yet again what a proper little mini-me she is, Mya chose this unicorn “tattoo” all by herself. It’s amazing, I was sorely tempted to get one for myself. We both had a little nap in the car coming back from the safari park. Stirling isn’t very far from Edinburgh but all that playing at the awesome park must have knackered us out.

july ru 1 110

With cake and lollipop trees like these I want it to be MY birthday!

A busy and fun filled month, I’ve loved July. It’s also my bestest’s birthday month but we are waiting until the 9th for her birthday night out. I’m expecting carnage. And a 3 day hangover.

What have you been up to this past month? Any recommendations for avoiding hangovers?!

L     x

City Dressing

As mentioned here I recently spent a long weekend in London. With the temperatures topping 30 degrees each day a comfortable yet stylish wardrobe was required. Below is a selection of photos of my outfits. For 4 days away I ended up taking 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of sunglasses and 3 handbags!

blbc 18

The only time I wore heels the whole weekend :O I jazzed up this New Look dress with my Cambridge Satchel and Alexander McQueen scarf.

blbc 7

Looking like a chubby tennis player! This was the hat I bought at Greenwich Market and I’ve worn it to death already.

blbc 13

My Cynthia Rowley dress recieved many compliments, I kept the accessories simple with my Primark necklace and gold ballet pumps.

blbc 5

All I bought from Harrods was a MAC lipstick, a gorgeous pink called Impassioned that I could have bought from Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh but I wanted a Harrods carrier bag!

blbc 1

Basic black New Look dress with Peacocks sandals, Zara bag and vintage sunnies.

sawm dress

I already posted this photo here but it’s the only shot I have of the JiJi KiKi dress

My travelling outfits weren’t worth posting – just basic maxi dresses and converse.

My style in London was very relaxed – flat shoes and hardly any accessories, how unlike me. I blame the scorching sun.

What are your essentials for a weekend break?

L   x

Sail Away With Me

So waaaaaay back here I mentioned how much I love Jiji Kiki‘s website and especially this dress so imagine my delight when those wonderful peoples at JiJi KiKi sent me it!

I was about to embark on a trip to the zoo with me adorable niece recently but couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. The fashion gods must have smiled upon me as 2 seconds after muttering “I have nothing to wear” my parcel arrived from JiJi KiKi. I immediately changed into the dress and went out to enjoy the sunshine.


I paired the dress with: denim waistcoat from New Look, bag from Zara, vintage sunnies and Primark necklace.


Photos aren’t the greatest but then again they were taken by a 5 year old!

The pattern on this pink dress is little sail boats although at first glance I thought they were watermelon segments – I’m blaming too much sun frazzling my brain!


Not sure why this looks red because the dress is definitely pink.

I then did something I NEVER do – I wore the same dress 3 days later (friend’s of mine will be in shock right about now). I spent a fabulous weekend in that London seeing the swoonsome Michael Buble in concert and wore this dress out to dinner one night.

sawm dress

It looks like I’m preggo here – I’m totally not. I am sporting the world’s biggest food baby and trying to hide it with my Julien Macdonald clutch bag. A very casual look from me but the weather was freakishly warm even at night and we were walking miles and miles so flat shoes were a requirement.

One of the things I love about this dress is that it can be easily dress up or down and is interesting enough in print and shape to be worn with basic accessories without me worrying about it looking boring. Another great aspect of this dress is the longer hem at the back, meaning when I wear it during crappy weather I won’t have to worry about flashing my granny panties to strangers in the street.

Whaddya think of my dress? Have you shopped with JiJi KiKi before?

L    x