Is Your Wardrobe Linked To Your Mindset?

No I’m not talking wearing black ‘cos you are in a bad mood. I’m curious about mental age affecting clothing choices.

Having been told a few times that I dress “too young” for my age I’ve recently been thinking/worrying about this as age is a bit of an issue with me. I mentioned here about the age limit for dungarees and have been left wondering what other items I’m too old to wear. I’m 28 years old but have been told I look younger. I’m lucky in that I work in an old man’s pub where the customers frequently mistake me for a 22-year-old. I usually lie about my age and say I’m 23. The youngest I’ve ever been told I look is 19. Yes the guy was pissed and clearly in need of glasses but I’ll still take that!

I have self diagnosed myself as having a touch of Female Peter Pan Syndrome. My body may be 28 but in my head I still feel 16. A recent study shows that a large number of people don’t feel like a grown up until they reach the grand old age of 28 years old. Here’s what various reports have to say about Peter Pan Syndrome:

Female Peter Pans are also more likely to be financially dependent upon their parents than men – and parents are more likely to give money to a daughter than a son.

Consistently indulges in fruitless pursuits and short meaningless relationships.

Women in adultolescence focus on having a good time and keeping up with the latest trends.

Some invest a lot of time and energy in looking for Prince Charming – or whoever will charm them in the moment. Building a career and working long hours are not as much of a priority or a desire.

Although their lifestyle may seem appealing, many are painfully insecure and put extraordinary effort into looking good to compensate for how they feel inside.

The following celebrities are also 28 years old:



Miquita Oliver

Miquita Oliver

Freida Pinto and Scarlett Johansson seem older to me, maybe it’s just the Hollywood thing though. Out of all the featured celebs I’d have to say it seems Avril Lavigne has FPPS – her style hasn’t changed much since she first launched onto the music scene in 2002, she’s still sporting coloured hair, skulls, crosses and stars. Indeed a song from her upcoming album is entitled “Here’s To Never Growing Up” – rather apt.

Does my feeling alot younger than I am reflect my clothing choices? Perhaps. I enlisted the help of my closest friends, asking “In the interest of my blog do you think I dress too young for my age?” and begged for genuine answers. Well my friends are nothing if not honest yet I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with their replies:

“Not at all! You’re not collecting your pension Doll! Fashion should be fun and flirty at your age! X”

“You’re fashionable without being the same as everyone else and you don’t wear stuff you shouldn’t xx”

“nope I don’t think so at all xx”

“No but I do worry about that too. You have no fear when it comes to fashion x”

And the answer I was most dreading comes from the bestest, who has said in the past that I dress younger than my age, however I love her answer the most! (This could be narcissism on my part though, tell-tale sign of PPS)

“You’re very fashiony and much more daring than me with colours and prints. Generally people get less fashionable and more plain and classic as they get older. You also have no fear of the cold which is not normal after 20.”

From my friends’ comments I’d say that liking fashion makes me appear younger than what I actually am! Yes I like my dresses short and having fun with accessories but I wouldn’t say I’m as daring as my friends are making me out to be. If I was happily married and settled down would I be more inclined to dress in an understated yet stylish way? If I altered my wardrobe would I alter the way in which I make decisions? Would I eventually leave Neverland and grow up?

It looks then that the issue lies with me, not helped at all by my mother’s admission that she too has female peter pan syndrome. The difference between young at heart and peter pan syndrome is how it affects you making life decisions. I know that if the shit ever hits the fan I make a terrible decision my parents will always be there to pick up the pieces as they have been countless times in the past and I don’t just mean moneywise. (Yes, yes overprotective parents can be a cause of PPS aswell).

fpps peter pan and wendy

On a more light-hearted note here’s just some of the reasons why I think I’m a female Peter Pan:

  1. I can’t tell you what I did last week but can remember, in great detail, stories from my late teens.
  2. My favourite songs are from when I was 17/18/19.
  3. I think I can still drink like I used to be able to. The 2 day hangovers suggest otherwise.
  4. I take great delight in strangers thinking I’m not the eldest child of the family.
  5. I’ll happily live on cuppasoups and porridge for 2 weeks to fund a drunken night out.
  6. I get offended if I’m referred to as a cougar for kissing boys younger than me.
  7. I still refer to guys/men as boys.
  8. I still avoid my mum if I’ve done something she won’t approve of!
  9. My bedroom resembles that of a 13 year old girl – clothes, cosmetics and accessories EVERYWHERE.

As Peter Pan once said “Girls talk too much” so I shall finish here before I ramble on anymore.

I’d be eternally grateful for thoughts and comments on this matter.

L  x


How Old Is Too Old For….. Dungarees??

Last week as I perused River Island with a few friends I saw a pair of dungaree shorts. My first thought was “oh those are cute” my second was “for someone 10 years younger than me”.

Depending on how old you are you may remember wearing dungarees the first time around (just for the record I don’t!) or maybe you look back at photos of you as a toddler dressed in dungarees or a pinafore and cringe/accuse your parents of child cruelty *ahem*

Full length dungarees make me think of bad boy bands, TLC and hippie women!

ASOS, River Island and Topshop are just a few of the stores selling denim dungarees.

ASOS £40

ASOS £40

River Island £30

River Island £30

Topshop £38

Topshop £38

But then I started thinking that dungarees are not all that much different from playsuits so what’s the big deal? I wore a playsuit on Sunday without feeling like an oversized toddler. Is it the fact that dungarees are usually made of denim whereas my playsuits are generally a bit dressier? Perhaps. For me it is the whole age thing. Would I look like a 1990s throwback? Possibly. But then I started looking at celebrities and how they wore this puzzling fashion:

hoito kh

Liv Tyler is all smiles as she spends her labor day out and about in New York City

hoito zd

hoito pink hoito rb

Conclusion? I will not under any circumstances wear full length denim dungarees but I might just be coming around to the short version. I think I dress younger than my 28 years but I wouldn’t say I dress too young. Maybe I’m in the wrong for trying to put an age limit on clothing.

What do you think? Are you a fan of denim dungarees? Or do they just make you think of the 90s?