Yet Another Girl Crush

I’ve posted about 5 girl crushes before (check them out here) yet none come close to how envious I am of Girl Crush #6’s wardrobe. Ladies and gents I give you Millie Mackintosh.

yagc mm1

The Made in Chelsea star and fiancée of Professor Green, Millie is also a makeup artist with her own range of lashes and let’s not forget THAT slap with bellend Spencer Matthews. But that’s not why I love her. It’s her to die for wardrobe and eclectic dress sense that I adore.

yagc mm6

She’s always been my favourite Made In Chelsea “character” closely followed by Binky.  I fancied Hugo but cheered when Millie threw that drink in his face. I’ve been Team Millie all the way.

yagc mm7 yagc mm5

The girl can rock a hat…. and a swimming suit.

yagc mm4 yagc mm2

A style chameleon she looks polished whatever style she wears.

yagc mm12

This InLoveWithFashion dress costs £38 and is available here now.

yagc mm10

One of my fave Millie Mac looks as I have a very similar hat and faux fur.

yagc mm9 yagc mm8

And of course I HAVE to show a photo of the ring.

I fancied Pro Green before it was cool to fancy him – saw him perform a few years back and having a “thing” for gingers I was smitten from the start – and was genuinely shocked when they first got together, with the way I’d reacted you’d think I knew them personally! But their love is clear to see and I can’t help but smile every time I see another bitchy tweet from Professor Green to whatever attention grabbing fellow MIC “star” is having a dig at Millie.

What do you think about Millie’s style? Are you a fan?

L    x

Girl Crush #5

Model and aspiring DJ, fashion icon, daughter to famous parents: Daisy Lowe should be envied by millions yet comes across as universally likeable. Just look at the photos below. She exudes a raw sensuality whilst still maintaining a rock ‘n’ roll image.

Loving that dark lipstick

Famous parents, designer Pearl Lowe and Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, and cool musician boyfriends aside Daisy is known first and foremost as a successful model who has walked the catwalks in New York, London and Milan as well as working with major brands such as Agent Provocateur, Whistles, Biba and Burberry.

Modelling mum Pearl Lowe’s designs for Peacocks

Not only is she blessed with a ridiculously attractive body but she also has the world’s coolest woman, Gwen Stefani, as her stepmother – how is that fair?!

What do you think of Daisy’s style? Are you a fan?

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Girl Crush #4

If you saw Lindsey Wixson in the street without any make-up on, most people would think her  tad strange-looking. However, I am enthralled with her “kooky” exterior and her unique mouth is certainly a talking point!

While there is no chance of hell in me EVER having a body like Lindsey’s I can appreciate her beauty and hope that if there is a God in my next life I’ll be reincarnated as someone as quirky and gorgeous as my latest Girl Crush!

Girl Crush #3

I previously mentioned my Girl Crushes on Rachel Bilson and Audrey Hepburn here and here yet those attachments are eclipsed by my HUGE girl crush on Holly Willoughby (or if you’re a fan of Celebrity Juice, Holly Willoughbooby!)

I’m going to be honest. I envy her figure. I envy her clothes. I envy her hair. I envy her bubbly personality. Basically I’m a green eyed monster! I should hate Holly for being so pretty and nice and stylish. But I can’t. I JUST WANT TO BE HER!

Holly is one of those lucky souls that have progressed from kiddies TV to bonafide nation’s sweetheart with her presenting on This Morning, formerly Dancing On Ice  and soon to be The Voice.

Style wise she and best pal Fearne Cotton design collections for Very.

Whilst Fearne’s collection receives alot of media coverage over the “coolness” of it I sometimes feel Holly’s collection is wrongly overlooked. Be it a tea dress or a more structured cocktail dress I think Holly’s collection is suitable for most women.

Another reason I love her so much is her decision to wear strapless dresses whilst having such big boobs! There was many complaints when Holly wore a “revealing” dress on Dancing on Ice she however appeared to shrug off the controversy by saying (on her reaction to her Dancing on Ice dress incident) “I’m proud of my curves, I’m not going to wear dresses up to my neck – that’s just not me. I have boobs and hips and I dress to accommodate them – that’s not going to change.”

Yup Holly’s dresses may show off cleavage but they never look tarty due to the lengths of the dresses. She embraces her curves instead of trying to hide them.

As for her hair, I am at a loss as to how to achieve Holly’s volume and level of shine on dyed hair.

Pretty much ALL the men I know admit to fancying Holly – I think it’s the mixture of girl next door innocence against the fun loving and often naughty Holly on Celebrity Juice. She is a self-confessed good girl often saying “The only time I ever got in trouble was when I threw my shoe across the classroom. Hardly sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.”

There must be an outrageous number of men who fancy Holly, when I was looking through Google for images one of the most commonly searched phrases was “Holly Willoughby Celebrity Juice School Uniform” NICE!

Below are some of my fave photos of Holly:

Channelling Brigette Bardot

Fun and flirty

With the Silver Fox himself Phillip Schofield

Embracing her curves with another lovely dress

Even "dressed down" she still looks put together

Poured into a red show stopper for the red carpet

Another day, another tea dress

Effortlessly stylish

taking the piss with Ant and Dec after a drunken night at the NTAs

And here is one random photo of me where apparently I look like Holly!

In the pub with my lovely cousin Ashley

My hair has never been that big before and I just can’t recreate it again 😦

I think my cleavage mixed with a pencil skirt and heels were the only reasons for me being nicknamed Willoughbooby all night!

Girl Crush #2

Whilst I may have waxed lyrical about Rachel Bilson being my girl crush here my all time favourite famous woman is without doubt Audrey Hepburn. To me she epitomizes style and elegance with her gamine cropped hair, big doe eyes and fabulous eye brows.

Image from Roman Holiday

My sister bought me a box set of Audrey Hepburn movies for Christmas so I had a marathon movie session last week where I stayed in pyjamas all day and ate the obligatory Christmas chocolate before the diet starts today. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was my favourite Audrey movie for long enough but having watched Roman Holiday again I think I actually prefer her in that playing a princess who escapes the confines of the palace for a couple of days and roams Rome.

Along with her iconic beauty it is also the fashion which attracts me to Audrey Hepburn films. With high-profile creative types like Givenchy, Cecil Beaton and Edith Head all involved in the sartorial side of the movies the fashion was bound to stand out. Whether dressed to the nines in a stunning ballroom dressed or casually in leggings and flat shoes not one other person before or after Audrey has the allure she effortlessly exudes.

Audrey Hepburn’s classic style has been written about so many times before that there is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said before so please find pictures below showing exactly why she is my eternal Girl Crush.

What’s your favourite Audrey image??

Girl Crush #1

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a girl crush on someone famous- you know what I mean when you envy their lifestyles/looks/wardrobe but still like them and generally wanna be them?? My longest lasting girl crush is Rachel Bilson. Even as annoying “Summer” in The OC I have always wanted to be her.

Her wardrobe is to die for and she appears to have a privelegded lifestyle but still seems “nice” ya know. It’s not even the designer clothing that she wears but the effortless way she wears them that really appeals to me plus the super hot men she has in her life! Her make up is flawless, hair is gorgeous and she looks good day and night. Whether she’s wearing a plain tee or glammed up for a night out you can guarantee she’ll be rocking stunning arm candy.  Yup that’s right I’m smitten so here I have complied my favourite images of the woman I want to be when I “grow up”:


So who’s your girl crush?

I’ll post more of my girl crushes soon