Big Boobed Gal Problems

I know there’s worse problems to have but how annoying is it when:

1. Buttons do this

2. Strapless bras don’t hold you in or they fall down/no support

3. You can’t go braless so backless dresses are a no no

4. Polo necks transform 2 boobs into a monoboob

5. Bra straps are always thicker than on smaller cup sizes so visible when wearing spaghetti straps

6. some stores only go up to an F cup (some only go to a DD!)

7. Bralets offer no support

8. Nice bras in bigger cup sizes cost a small fortune

9. Anything that shows a bit of cleavage immediately becomes pornographic


Thanks for staying with me through this rant

L x

Choose your words wisely

I’ve always loved a slogan tee but didn’t realise until very recently just how many I had. The reason why I like them is you can have that slogan present an image you wish to say without speaking. Or you can wear it because you like it and there’s no message behind the words!

I really should have ironed everything before taking photos but I’m in the middle of decluttering my wardrobe and there’s stuff EVERYWHERE!

The tee that reignited my love of slogans! I only wear this as pyjamas now but had it for years. I’m still searching for Mr Perfect! Tee is from Truffleshuffle

My most recent purchase is courtesy of Tallulah’s Threads and I obviously had to buy it as it’s pink, animal print and sassy!

Passive aggressive? Me? Never!

Bought from various places: SHEIN, H&M, Zara, Joanie Clothing, Miss Figa

This tee spoke volumes (and caused controversy in my life ūüôĄ)

From Missguided

Any recommendations for cute slogan tops? Let me know in the comments

L x

Liking The Look Of….

I kind of need this jumper in my life – it would work equally with well skinnies or over dresses. And it’s animal print. It practically deserves to live in my wardrobe.

Monki £30

Monki £30

I already have a red dress but I like the sleeves on this one and it’s a decent price. I could dress this up or down easily.

JijiKiki £12

JijiKiki £12

Oooooooooh look at the pretty sparkles. I’m a magpie for anything shiny or glittery.

Dolly Dagger £73.25

Dolly Dagger £73.25

I just know that this would get referred to as roadkill if I ever wore it to the pub but I freakin love this

Pretty much sums up how I feel about men at the moment!

FD Avenue £15.99

FD Avenue £15.99

Pretty casual for me but this is sweet, really like it.

So there’s another wishlist. Why oh why can’t I have lots of money?!

Do you like my picks?

L    x

One(sie) Love

Yup it’s that time of the year with the dark nights drawing in and the temperatures rapidly dropping that I reach for the onesie to keep me cosy warm at night. My sister bought me one 2 years ago for Christmas and it’s safe to say I love it. Not the most attractive but ever so comfy. The only downside to wearing a onesie is having to unzip to pee. Oh and looking like an overgrown toddler/tellytubby!

I bought the bestest a pink patterned onesie from TK Maxx as a Christmas gift last year and we have decided to buy each other ones this year.

Here’s a look at the best around the web that I’ve found:

BHS £25

BHS £25

Next £32

Next £32

Matalan £14

Matalan £14

George @ Asda £14

George @ Asda £14

I’m particularly drawn to the Matalan one. I would just like to state that I would NEVER venture out of the house wearing one of these, strictly for lounging/sleeping in.

Are you a fan of the infamous onesie?

You’ll Never See Me Wear A Suit Of White

I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan so it was only appropriate to have one of his lyrics as today’s post title.

My first day off in over a week and I still ended up wearing a predominately black outfit!


Hat: Vintage

Tee: Bathroom Wall

Cardigan: New Look

Trousers: H&M 

Boots: Debenhams

Bag: Zara

I’ve had this tee for about 2 years now but they still stock it on the website Bathroom Wall which sells thousands of different music/band clothing. I have a few Johnny Cash tshirts from various retailers but this is probably my favourite.

I’ve barely taken this cardigan off since buying it and whenever I wear it there’s always someone who feels the need to stroke it!

These trousers get worn on such a regular occurrence there’s nowt much I can say about them except how comfortable they are and the print makes me feel a teeny tiny bit more stylish when I wear them as part of a casual outfit.

The boots aren’t actually mine, they belong to the momma, who is on holibags so I am raiding her accessories.




The ring is from Primark and the bracelet River Island

This morning saw me and Carla getting our eyebrows threaded followed by a spot of shopping and some lunch.

This afternoon my niece, sister and I took our dog Lloyd for a walk. Obviously those red Debenhams boots weren’t made for (dog)walking so I swapped them for some black and white Converse (again belonging to my mum)

038 032 034


Whaddya think of my outfit? Do you have an item that makes you a casual outfit feel more dressed up?

L     x

Should I Bother???

So whilst cardigans are nothing new for Autumn/Winter the surprise object of lust amongst bloggers such as Sarah @ BloodRedMoon, Charnelle and Helen appears to be cardigans of the fluffy variety and I have been wondering whether to follow suit.

I know that Primark are selling these for ¬£12 but I’m leaning more toward the New Look version even though it is more expensive at ¬£24.99

new look fluffy cardigan

Because of work I’d have to opt for the black version but it also comes in cream which my darling niece tried on recently!

"It's sooooooooo soft LeeLee, I want one in my size"

“It’s sooooooooo soft LeeLee, I want one in my size”

She’s such a little fashionista and likes to pick out her own clothes and she probably owns more handbags than my sister does!

IF (more like when) I do buy this then I’d pair it with my trusty H! by Henry Holland (p)leather skirt, a basic black tee, black opaque tights and my little suede Primark booties. It’s totes about the different textures when it comes to an all black ensemble dontcha know.

I can see me wearing this cardigan constantly and for non work days it would be so easy to throw on over a dress, just add tights and boots and I’d be all set for the rapidly decreasing temperatures.

The one way I can add a touch of fun into my work outfits is with accessories so I’d wear one of my ever-growing collection of Jiji Kiki necklaces, my newest one is a cartoon unicorn¬†– SO cute.


The necklace has now sold out but please go check out the website for the huge variety of jewellery at affordable prices.

So have you succumbed to the fluffy cardigan fad?

Should I bother?

Would love to know thoughts

L    x

Expanding My Horizons… With Ji Ji Kiki

If you’re wondering about the title this post is part of a series where I find new stores/websites I’ve fallen in love with and Ji Ji Kiki is the latest brand to capture my heart. Classed as an independent online boutique I adore the quirky jewellery and the homewares section is just lush.

The titles of their clothing makes me smile. SO much nicer than a generic “red ruched dress” etc.

Both dresses are VERY me.

The jewellery is a mixture of quirky and vintage inspired pieces and any store selling unicorn accessories is immediately going to appeal to me!

There is also a vintage section where you can buy jewellery and homewares with prices starting from £3.50.

I had one of these mugs! Seeing it again totally takes me back to my childhood where a lukewarm cup of tea was concerned a treat and made me feel like a grown up.

I’m also impressed with by the look of their handbags.

So what are you waiting for?! Go check out Ji Ji Kiki for some quirky goodies at fab prices. As soon as pay-day comes around that red boat dress is mine!

Have you heard of Ji Ji Kiki? What do you think of my picks?

L      x