Blogger Event at The West Port

So a couple of weeks ago I was invited along to a bloggers event at The West Port in Linlithgow along with a bunch of other Scottish bloggers to try out the new menu after an extensive refurbishment. Treated to a glass of Prosecco upon arrival, our mouths quickly started watering as the staff set down the first lot of seafood platters. The only downside to a bloggers event like this is having to wait until everyone has taken photos before actually eating!


006 007

The food was fantastic, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my favourite dish, the slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, my mouth is actually watering just at the thought of it.

We bloggers sure are a lucky bunch sometimes and the unlimited wine at The West Port was a major perk!

After a quick look around the hotel we settled down for pudding and all I can say is the sticky toffee pudding is one of the best I’ve tried and believe me I’ve eaten ALOT of puddings in my time!

014 010

Following out visit to The West Port a photo of us all appeared in The Edinburgh Evening News where we were refered to as fashionistas!

evening news photo


Some of the other girls left early and left it to us lushes to indulge in the wine, I think I was the one of the only ones to be hangover free in the morning 😉

love zigzag dress

As I may have mentioned before I’m a bit crap when it comes to taking outfit photos so didn’t get any snaps of my dress but I wore this In Love With Fashion dress.

I had a great evening tasting yummy food and catching up with the other bloggers (Jade, Lynne, Gillian, Kirsty, Terri, Laura, Lynsey, Iona and Kirstie)

The West Port is the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon and I for one will be heading back soon for some more of that pulled pork.

L  x

Lash Republic Event

On Friday 5th October I was invited along to The Make Up & Beauty Studio on West Preston Street for the Lash Republic Event. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a blogger event so it was nice seeing Jade, Gillian and Lynne. One of The Make Up & Beauty Studio’s founders, Christine, was on hand to give us the scoop on Australian brand Lash Republic after giving us a tour around the premises.

031 033 039 038

The Make Up & Beauty Studio is the exclusive UK stockist of Lash Republic lashes so we were overjoyed to get a sneak peek of the hand-made, human hair lashes. With a choice of 20 styles in the studio we set to finding our favourites. The great thing about Lash Republic lashes is the demonstration applicator – the lashes are attached to a clear plastic wand so you can put it along your lash line to see the effect. Genius!


Being a packaging junkie the outer packaging is a sleek black and gold design, which was a major plus for me – a welcome change from plain white (Eyelure) or gaudy pop art (Katy Perry). The lashes also have great names including Lady Caviar, Manhattan Mistress and Sophisticata with all different effects including demi lashes for those of you who always struggle with those tricky inner corners. From natural to lengthening to dramatic there really is something for everyone.


After choosing our styles, I opted for London Chic, Christine demonstrated just how easy the lashes were to apply especially with a nifty little Lash Republic tool which keeps the shape of the lash and stops it from sticking to your fingers.


036 037 045 041

Then it was the turn of us bloggers. I wear eyelashes on a fairly regular basis but get so frustrated when the inner corners pop up. Not so with the Lash Republic lashes, these were amazingly easy to put on, the applicator really makes what used to be a tricky task surprisingly easy. Jade was amazed at how quiet we were when applying our lashes! London Chic have a decent bit of length with some volume but aren’t too much, they looked like my lashes but better. Meeting some friends after the event for a drink my lashes were given the approval, my mum usually says my lashes make me look like “Daisy the coo” not with these bad boys though 😉





The one thing that annoys me about some lashes is how hard they feel on top of the natural lash, like if you fall asleep drunk with them still on (not that I’ve ever done that… ahem) your eyes are sore in the morning. I can safely vouch for how soft these are and even when wearing them throughout the night they didn’t hurt my eyes or shift at all. How much more can you ask for from lashes?!

 After taking numerous photos of the applied lashes we enjoyed a few glasses of fizz and had a good natter, all in all a great night.


Fancy checking out Lash Republic lashes? Well you are in luck, Christine and the Make Up and Beauty Studio are holding events on Saturday 12th October and Sunday 13th October. To get involved and check out these well made lashes please click here for all the info you’ll need.

L    x

September Round Up

How quickly another month has rolled around, can’t believe it’s October already. Before we know it it’ll be Christmas! Not that I’m overly worried about it, I’ve actually started buying gifts already. Get me being all productive, let’s see how long it lasts. Anyhoo, onto photos from September.

sep ru 1 sep ru 2

My mum kindly took my niece and I to see Hairspray at the Edinburgh Playhouse. We saw the show 2 years ago but it has to be said it was much better this time around. My niece loves the movie and sings the songs ALL the time, she says when she grows up she wants to play Little Inez on the stage and I quite believe she will.

Jade and I attended the Stockfest closing party which had a 1940s theme. The party took place at The Last Word Saloon in Stockbridge and it was lovely to see many of the guests make an effort with their outfits although there was some folk who just rocked up in their normal colours – poor show.


015 012 013

Luckily I pulled together a pretty convincing 40s get up from pieces from my own wardrobe.

Dress: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks

Shoes: No idea where these are from!

Bag: Jail Dornoch (not an actual jail but a quirky little shop in Dornoch!)

I even went all out and bought these seamed stockings from Ann Summers.


Not bad for my first attempt at victory rolls. Youtube has an abundance of tutorials showing how to do this hairstyle but I found Lacquer and Lace to be the best.  Since I always wear black liquid eyeliner and Russian Red MAC lipstick all the time anyway, I didn’t have to change my make up.

020 021 019

How prettiful does Jade look??

We made the error of going into town afterwards – EPIC fail. I felt ridiculous in my outfit with all these teeny boppers in barely there dresses and sky high heels. We promptly gave up and I was home for just after 1am, oh how times have changed!


I’m coveting monochrome accessories right now so this H&M bag is right up my street, available for £19.99 I’m seriously tempted to buy it.


Carla bought me this sweet unicorn tote bag from Primark, have used it loads already.


I’ve been favouring this Rimmel nail polish in Purple Rain lately, it’s actually the same colour as liquorice sambuca!

So that was my month – I’ve been working an obscene amount lately so it was a fairly quiet September for me

August Round-Up

It’s been quiet on the blog front lately but that’s because I’ve been a busy little bee this past month with seeing a few shows at the Edinburgh fringe and still trying to get used to working 2 jobs. Enough of the excuses though – on to photos of my life from August:


Yay! I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Clinique Super City Block. Had been trying to track it down for months but it was sold out everywhere. Eventually managed to buy it from Debenhams during one of their sale days so only spent £17.30 on it 🙂

As someone who has ridiculously pale skin (i may have mentioned before I have the skin of a ginger but not the hair colour) the SPF 40 means I can wear my sunglasses without running the risk of getting panda eyes which I inevitably do every year.


LOVE this photo of me and the bestest. A catch up in the pub, she called my outfit – black and white printed H&M trousers, black Johnny Cash t-shirt and vintage black bowler hat – “interesting” which meant she hated it however I don’t care, I like that outfit. Only a true friend can say shit like that to you without causing offense!


Hotel Chocolat Mojito truffles – possibly the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten. There is a Hotel Chocolat not far from my work but I have resisted going in very often due to the ever-expanding waistline issue.

020 021

Such an attractive face to make

Such an attractive face to make

me glasses


Sick of my hair colour and fancying a change I opted to go blonde however my hair is a pain in the arse to colour and I ended up with bright orange roots – such a good look. My hair dresser then buggered off on holiday (jammy cow) and I had to resort to half a tin of dry shampoo each day just to lighten it. It has since been fixed.

There is mixed opinions on my new colour. One of the most bizarre comments has been that I look like a “chubby version of Helen Flanagan” needless to say I wasn’t overly pleased about the chubby part but was more upset about the Helen Flanagan part! Yes I can be ditzy but I sincerely hope I don’t come across as brain-dead as she did on I’m A Celeb.

helen-flanagan Helen-Flanagan-1838983

I just don’t see it! What’s more disturbing is that people in the pub I work in are now calling me Helen. Perhaps it is time to go a bit darker again although I think my hairdresser may kill me considering it took about 8 hours in all to get my hair all the one (non orange) shade.

008 011 012

I had a brilliant and rather drunken night out in a gay club with a couple of friends recently where I danced my socks off and ended up with a bit of a fan club! Rubbish photos but fantastic night out. I went straight from work so wearing a basic black New Look dress, my snake skin Guess heels and zebra print Julien Macdonald clutch bag. During August most pubs and clubs in Edinburgh have a late licence due to the Fringe festival. It seemed like such a good idea to go out until 5a,m however my hangover when working in the pub the next again day reminded me I am an actual idiot sometimes!

Festival wise I was lucky enough to see both Chris Ramsey and Jason Byrne, was in stitches at the Chris Ramsey show. Also went on our annual excursion to see The Ladyboys Of Bangkok with several family members, we never fail to have a great time. I spent most of the show deliberating which body parts I wanted from each of the cast members. Bad times when you are jealous of a man’s body! And slightly disturbing how much I coveted alot of the costumes.


Insane face with the momma. She’s sick of the sight of me wearing that hat.


There’s a reason for this. I just can’t remember why. Standard behaviour for our nights out.


My partner in crime, Ashley, and I decided to drink bottles of Prosecco all night, luckily there was no hangovers in the morning.

I’m sure there’s been much more happened but as I have the attention span of a goldfish…….

L  x

Bright Lights In The Big City

Cheesy title yes but I’m still grinning from having THE most amazing time in London a couple of weekends ago.

I spent Friday to the Monday in the capital with my mum and 4 others, our primary reason for visiting was to see Michael Buble in concert and even though we were sat in the heavens for the show he sure didn’t disappoint! Below are some of my favourite photos:

127 152

Yes we really did buy Prince Harry and David Beckham masks!


Being proper tourists on the open top bus. Everytime Linda pulled out the map I had to quote Joey from Friends “Step into the map”, naturally she found this annoying the more I kept doing it.

blbc 3

I know it doesn’t look like her but I swear this is Barbara Windsor. We saw her while shopping (or in my case window browsing) in Burlington Arcade.

blbc 6

Arrrgh this seriously freaked me out. This street performer was pulling in all the crowds in Convent Garden as he sat in thin air! I know it’s just a trick but my pea brain still can’t fathom exactly how he’s doing this.

blbc 8

Drinking yummy cocktails on the roof top terrace bar of the Hayward Gallery where wheelbarrows had been turned into seats. Was a particularly fab night.

blbc 10

Not a massive fan of mexican food but the food here was delicious and the amazing Southbank views were stunning. Obviously a popular eaterie the welcoming atmosphere made me feel like I was on holiday abroad.

blbc 11

I’m just sitting this far away from Linda because of my ghostly white pallor. Yes I really am that pale.

blbc 14

Yup King’s Cross actually has a Platform 9  3/4s. As an avid Harry Potter fan this amused me muchly.

blbc 17

More Southbank scenery


Didn’t have time to go to Camden Market so we hit up Greenwich instead where I bought a hat for me and some baby clothes for my sister’s bump

blbc 19

I swear I still haven’t stopped smiling, my jaw actually ached after the concert from grinning inanely so much. The man is suave and charming and funny and boy can he sing!

blbc 4

Just casually chilling at my boyfriend’s granny’s house 😉

And although I don’t have photos of it, seeing the David Bowie exhibition at the V & A was another highlight of our trip, I could have spent the whole day at the exhibition had we not had dinner reservations. If you have the chance to go see it I would seriously recommend it.

I had an absolute blast while I was away and could even work the tube and everything – I’m dead smart in that London!

Will post soon about my outfits.

L   x

May Round Up

This month has mostly been spent eating and drinking lots!

001Black and Blue Pasta from Frankie&Bennys. My favourite meal but annoyed that it is only on their lunchtime menu.

004I’m a creature of habit when it comes to food so whenever there is eggs benedict on a menu you can guarantee I’ll order that!

003Pigging out on honeycomb ice cream from Luca’s in Mussellburgh, also ate ice cream from Thorntons a few days later and have pretty much been living on orange ice lollies for weeks!

064I drank an obscene amount of alcohol with Carla one night and subsequently morphed into the blair witch


That also being the same night I thought it acceptable to walk home (a 2 minute journey) in my pyjammies.

008 005

I attended the Edinburgh Spa in The City day where many different beauty retailers gave free treatments and/or demonstrations from marquees erected in St Andrews Square. I initially wanted a Molton Brown facial but they were fully booked so opted for a Lush facial where you actually make the face treatment using fresh ingredients. As I had pre booked my treatment my goody bag was different from Yvonne and Jade’s and I was delighted to receive this Label M Split End Sealer. Haven’t really noticed a difference on my split ends but it’s great for adding texture to layers. Although all natural products were used my face definitely did not like the treatment and I took a reaction to it! My face was rather red, sore and hot for a few days but I’ve never heard of anyone else suffering like this. Just my skin being ridiculously sensitive again.

004 005 006

I didn’t know that Lush sell cosmetics – the coloured pigments are suitable for eyes/cheeks/lips apparently. The consultant spun the wheel and told me to choose the first 3 colours I was drawn to, she then picked accent colours. Each colour has a trait and mines were rather amusing! Ambition, Focus Motivation,Perspective, Sophisticated.

012 011 008

After Spa in the City I checked out the Bebaroque pop up shop where I lusted over the beautiful embellished tights

leonardo dicaprio the great gatsbyI drooled over the ever handsome Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. Such a beautiful movie, was in awe of the styling.

The month of May also saw me attempt my first PowerHoop class where you use a weighted hoop to enhance your core muscles and slim waists. All I’ve got to show for it is a very bruised middle section but I shall battle on in the hope it gives me a waist.

What have you been upto this past month? Have you ever taken a bad skin reaction to any products?

L    x Bloggers Event

Any event titled “Bloggers Do It Best” was always going to be a winner in my eyes so I was delighted when the lovely peoples at Alison Jameson PR invited me along to an bloggers event. Held at the exclusive 29 in Glasgow, the members club was a bloggers paradise with decadent interiors and an absolutely stunning roof terrace.

110 112

094 096

As I’m such a crap fashion/beauty blogger this is the only photo of my outfit from that night! I wear black ALOT but felt an event such as this required colour so I went all out with the skinnies from H&M paired with the pink chiffon Primark top and my trusty Jasper Conran bag and then added my standard black items – blazer by H&M, shoes from Peacocks.

Handed a Belvedere Long Vodka as we entered, the many Scottish bloggers listened to the founders talk about it’s concept and how Scottish women don’t treat themselves often enough when it comes to hair and beauty treatments. is an online salon booking site meaning you can go onto the website and check in real time what appointments are free in selected salons.  The event was sponsored by Bumble and Bumble, Bare Minerals, GHD and Laurens Way. Lauren Goodger was on hand to talk more about her range of tanning and hair products. Many bloggers posed for photos with her although I opted not to as I’m Casper-like as it is so to be stood next to a bronzed goddess….

The lovely Bee from Bumble&Bumble gave THE most amazing hair demonstrations and despite having to wait until the end of the night for my turn, I left the event with BIG hair.


Jade‘s hair transformation was even more amazing





The 3rd annual Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards or SHABA for short (admit it, Shaggy just popped into your head) will be held on 26th May at the Glasgow Hilton and we were lucky enough to be given the shortlist of finalists. For the full list of finalists please check out’s Facebook page.

The night ended with us receiving fab goody bags containing items from the sponsors. For a full look please check out my Vine video on my Twitter.

087 091 092

A great night all round and so lovely to meet more Scottish bloggers especially Carlyn, Sarah, Fiona and Victoria.

Massive thanks to and AJC PR for a wonderful night, hope there’s many more to come.

L    x