Life is a flower

I really need to get a blogging schedule sorted out…

….and have some witty titles for blog posts in mind!

It’s currently lashing down with rain and I’m babysitting my sick niece so finally have time to post these photos that were taken at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens last week. I’ve already posted a few of the photos on my Instagram and wrote about the delight my youngest niece had at seeing pretty flowers but had waaaay more photos to post.

My style at the weekend tends to be much more relaxed than my usual weekday work wardrobe but I still like to look put together.

I’m pretty much going to live in this beret until Winter is over….

So pretty!

As I knew Zara would inevitably have me trailing round the gardens 13 times I swapped the red Miss KG heels for some black pumps. Also had to rope Zara into taking these photos of me and have to say for a 4 year old she ain’t half bad!

My favourite spot to take photos is in the Queen Mother’s memorial garden as this fab little hideaway has a shelled wall background.

Let me know in the comments what you think of my look x

Unicorns and Face Masks

If anyone seen my Instagram on Tuesday you’ll know I had a difficult day at work and rewarded myself for surviving it by drinking Patron for dinner! Tequila Tuesdays are awesome until you have to work on a Wednesday. To turn my frown upside down I put on my favourite unicorn PJs and ranted to the girls in the group chat while wearing a Olivia Buckland X Skin Republic face mask.

These super cute unicorn jammies were a Christmas present last year from my mum.

Exactly what a gym ball should be used for!

This AMAZING necklace is from Frank loves Doll. I’ve had it for a while and had to buy one for my sister too, the only downside is the chain is so thin and fragile that I’ve managed to snap it.

I know Tequila for tea isn’t healthy but it was well deserved that night!

Any tips for a healthier way of dealing with a bad day??