Jail Bird Chic!

Due to weird body proportions I usually struggle with playsuits and/or jumpsuits but came across this beauty in H&M recently. Black and white stripes: of course I had to try it on and was pleasantly surprised to find that it not only fitted but fitted well.

I don’t usually wear the same outfit often but I’ve worn this 3 times in as many weeks. First up was to the Paloma Faith concert in Princes Street Gardens, I teamed it with flats, hoops and a topknot. Next was to a day out team building (getting drunk) with work folks. Then finally I wore it to work. My team are blunt and say it like it is. One comment I got was “you’re giving me prison yard realness, but in a good way”. This immediately prompted me to demand someone take a photo against the bars on the window…

It’s easy to wear and I got a lot of compliments. The only annoying thing is wearing it when drinking, breaking the pee seal and having to strip every time I go to the toilet 🙄. I will never get bored of these chunky Guess sandals, bought them last year in NYC and have worn them to death.

Outfit posts will be more regular if I can find a decent photographer: no offence Jen (she was bullied into taking this one)

Does anyone else struggle with jumpsuits??

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