Liking The Look Of….

I kind of need this jumper in my life – it would work equally with well skinnies or over dresses. And it’s animal print. It practically deserves to live in my wardrobe.

Monki £30

Monki £30

I already have a red dress but I like the sleeves on this one and it’s a decent price. I could dress this up or down easily.

JijiKiki £12

JijiKiki £12

Oooooooooh look at the pretty sparkles. I’m a magpie for anything shiny or glittery.

Dolly Dagger £73.25

Dolly Dagger £73.25

I just know that this would get referred to as roadkill if I ever wore it to the pub but I freakin love this

Pretty much sums up how I feel about men at the moment!

FD Avenue £15.99

FD Avenue £15.99

Pretty casual for me but this is sweet, really like it.

So there’s another wishlist. Why oh why can’t I have lots of money?!

Do you like my picks?

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