My Top 7 Favourite Movies

Following a discussion with Kirsty of Indigo Buttons the other night regarding her 7 favourite movies, why 7?! Why not 5 or 10 I had to ask, I have decided to list mine. I am fully expecting to be ridiculed for my somewhat camp taste in films but watching movies is a chance to escape reality for a few hours and what better to do that than in a world of song and dance and/or great fashion!


fm clueless


In at 1: Clueless. I can remember going to the cinema to see this and quoting the movie for months afterwards (actually I still quote from it now!) The outfits were a particular favourite of mine and I still love over the knee socks due to this movie.

fm beaches


2. A weepy one, this movie never fails to get me to tear up. My cousin Ashley and I watched it so often on video (yup that’s right, I’m old) that we memorised the words and used to act it out at the bottom of her stairs every week. I always had to be boring Hilary though.

fm calamity jane


3. This was my all time favourite childhood movie and I still watch it a worrying amount of times now – I’m putting it down to my niece loving musicals and her watching them all the time!

fm breakfast at tiffanys


4. Another film that I’ve seen hundreds of times, I’d have to question my friendship with any pals who haven’t seen this/don’t like it

fm the green mile


5. I watched this again a couple of weeks ago and still cried. I can’t explain why I like this so much.

fm pillow talk


6. Oh look another Doris Day movie in my list of favourites. 

fm goodfellas


7. “How funny? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?” Goodfellas is easily my favourite “boy” movie.

Looking at this list, I have to wonder if there’s a gay man trapped deep inside!


Any thoughts/teasing remarks?


L  x


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