Random Things That Annoy Me… Part 1 (of many)

I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather or because I’m so tired from working non stop but I’ve been such a grumpy cow lately and here is a list of the things that have been bugging me:

1. Side zips – I’ve never been a fan of side zips after having to get cut out of a dress years ago when the zip completely stuck. They never close properly even though the dress fits. I purchased this In Love With Fashion dress with the intention of wearing it to a bloggers event but again the zip wont fasten over the seam.

2. Couples who go lingerie shopping and have overly passionate PDAs – OK, we get it, you have sex. I do NOT need to see you snogging each others faces off at the till point while I’m serving you.

3. Not being able to wear tartan – as a Scottish blogger I fear I’d look like a cliché

angry face 1

4. Books I love being turned into movies – I inevitably end up screaming at the screen “that’s not how it happens in the book”

5.  Being crap at putting on nail polish – It dries completely, I’m just sitting there doing NOTHING for it to chip and then all of a sudden, boom! chips galore

6. Winter– Go to work, it’s dark. Leave work, it’s dark.

angry face 2

7.  Being asked what is wrong with me because I’m single – it’s my life, get the fuck over it!

8. Everyone banging on about bloody pumpkin spiced lattes – not everybody likes coffee, make a seasonal beverage for us tea drinkers Starbucks

9. Taxi drivers who take the piss – erm just cos I’m on my phone doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed you trying to take the long route mister

10. Mundane Statuses– Those folk on Facebook who update constantly with every single thought the have. Bugger off already

angry face 3

I have many more pet hates but I’ll get around to posting them later.

Back to looking at pretty dresses that I can’t afford to cheer me up… or not!

L     x


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