September Round Up

How quickly another month has rolled around, can’t believe it’s October already. Before we know it it’ll be Christmas! Not that I’m overly worried about it, I’ve actually started buying gifts already. Get me being all productive, let’s see how long it lasts. Anyhoo, onto photos from September.

sep ru 1 sep ru 2

My mum kindly took my niece and I to see Hairspray at the Edinburgh Playhouse. We saw the show 2 years ago but it has to be said it was much better this time around. My niece loves the movie and sings the songs ALL the time, she says when she grows up she wants to play Little Inez on the stage and I quite believe she will.

Jade and I attended the Stockfest closing party which had a 1940s theme. The party took place at The Last Word Saloon in Stockbridge and it was lovely to see many of the guests make an effort with their outfits although there was some folk who just rocked up in their normal colours – poor show.


015 012 013

Luckily I pulled together a pretty convincing 40s get up from pieces from my own wardrobe.

Dress: Pearl Lowe for Peacocks

Shoes: No idea where these are from!

Bag: Jail Dornoch (not an actual jail but a quirky little shop in Dornoch!)

I even went all out and bought these seamed stockings from Ann Summers.


Not bad for my first attempt at victory rolls. Youtube has an abundance of tutorials showing how to do this hairstyle but I found Lacquer and Lace to be the best.  Since I always wear black liquid eyeliner and Russian Red MAC lipstick all the time anyway, I didn’t have to change my make up.

020 021 019

How prettiful does Jade look??

We made the error of going into town afterwards – EPIC fail. I felt ridiculous in my outfit with all these teeny boppers in barely there dresses and sky high heels. We promptly gave up and I was home for just after 1am, oh how times have changed!


I’m coveting monochrome accessories right now so this H&M bag is right up my street, available for £19.99 I’m seriously tempted to buy it.


Carla bought me this sweet unicorn tote bag from Primark, have used it loads already.


I’ve been favouring this Rimmel nail polish in Purple Rain lately, it’s actually the same colour as liquorice sambuca!

So that was my month – I’ve been working an obscene amount lately so it was a fairly quiet September for me


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