Lash Republic Event

On Friday 5th October I was invited along to The Make Up & Beauty Studio on West Preston Street for the Lash Republic Event. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a blogger event so it was nice seeing Jade, Gillian and Lynne. One of The Make Up & Beauty Studio’s founders, Christine, was on hand to give us the scoop on Australian brand Lash Republic after giving us a tour around the premises.

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The Make Up & Beauty Studio is the exclusive UK stockist of Lash Republic lashes so we were overjoyed to get a sneak peek of the hand-made, human hair lashes. With a choice of 20 styles in the studio we set to finding our favourites. The great thing about Lash Republic lashes is the demonstration applicator – the lashes are attached to a clear plastic wand so you can put it along your lash line to see the effect. Genius!


Being a packaging junkie the outer packaging is a sleek black and gold design, which was a major plus for me – a welcome change from plain white (Eyelure) or gaudy pop art (Katy Perry). The lashes also have great names including Lady Caviar, Manhattan Mistress and Sophisticata with all different effects including demi lashes for those of you who always struggle with those tricky inner corners. From natural to lengthening to dramatic there really is something for everyone.


After choosing our styles, I opted for London Chic, Christine demonstrated just how easy the lashes were to apply especially with a nifty little Lash Republic tool which keeps the shape of the lash and stops it from sticking to your fingers.


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Then it was the turn of us bloggers. I wear eyelashes on a fairly regular basis but get so frustrated when the inner corners pop up. Not so with the Lash Republic lashes, these were amazingly easy to put on, the applicator really makes what used to be a tricky task surprisingly easy. Jade was amazed at how quiet we were when applying our lashes! London Chic have a decent bit of length with some volume but aren’t too much, they looked like my lashes but better. Meeting some friends after the event for a drink my lashes were given the approval, my mum usually says my lashes make me look like “Daisy the coo” not with these bad boys though 😉





The one thing that annoys me about some lashes is how hard they feel on top of the natural lash, like if you fall asleep drunk with them still on (not that I’ve ever done that… ahem) your eyes are sore in the morning. I can safely vouch for how soft these are and even when wearing them throughout the night they didn’t hurt my eyes or shift at all. How much more can you ask for from lashes?!

 After taking numerous photos of the applied lashes we enjoyed a few glasses of fizz and had a good natter, all in all a great night.


Fancy checking out Lash Republic lashes? Well you are in luck, Christine and the Make Up and Beauty Studio are holding events on Saturday 12th October and Sunday 13th October. To get involved and check out these well made lashes please click here for all the info you’ll need.

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