Bright Lights In The Big City

Cheesy title yes but I’m still grinning from having THE most amazing time in London a couple of weekends ago.

I spent Friday to the Monday in the capital with my mum and 4 others, our primary reason for visiting was to see Michael Buble in concert and even though we were sat in the heavens for the show he sure didn’t disappoint! Below are some of my favourite photos:

127 152

Yes we really did buy Prince Harry and David Beckham masks!


Being proper tourists on the open top bus. Everytime Linda pulled out the map I had to quote Joey from Friends “Step into the map”, naturally she found this annoying the more I kept doing it.

blbc 3

I know it doesn’t look like her but I swear this is Barbara Windsor. We saw her while shopping (or in my case window browsing) in Burlington Arcade.

blbc 6

Arrrgh this seriously freaked me out. This street performer was pulling in all the crowds in Convent Garden as he sat in thin air! I know it’s just a trick but my pea brain still can’t fathom exactly how he’s doing this.

blbc 8

Drinking yummy cocktails on the roof top terrace bar of the Hayward Gallery where wheelbarrows had been turned into seats. Was a particularly fab night.

blbc 10

Not a massive fan of mexican food but the food here was delicious and the amazing Southbank views were stunning. Obviously a popular eaterie the welcoming atmosphere made me feel like I was on holiday abroad.

blbc 11

I’m just sitting this far away from Linda because of my ghostly white pallor. Yes I really am that pale.

blbc 14

Yup King’s Cross actually has a Platform 9  3/4s. As an avid Harry Potter fan this amused me muchly.

blbc 17

More Southbank scenery


Didn’t have time to go to Camden Market so we hit up Greenwich instead where I bought a hat for me and some baby clothes for my sister’s bump

blbc 19

I swear I still haven’t stopped smiling, my jaw actually ached after the concert from grinning inanely so much. The man is suave and charming and funny and boy can he sing!

blbc 4

Just casually chilling at my boyfriend’s granny’s house 😉

And although I don’t have photos of it, seeing the David Bowie exhibition at the V & A was another highlight of our trip, I could have spent the whole day at the exhibition had we not had dinner reservations. If you have the chance to go see it I would seriously recommend it.

I had an absolute blast while I was away and could even work the tube and everything – I’m dead smart in that London!

Will post soon about my outfits.

L   x


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