June Round Up

I started my new job and moved house in the same week so haven’t done particularly much but here’s what’s been keeping me busy this past month:

june roundup 2 june roundup 8 june roundup 5

Charis, Yvonne and I went to see the massively camp Dolly Parton‘s 9-5 and had a blast! In the bar area there was a cut out of Hairspray characters and it’s actually scary how much this suits us!

The show was so bad it was good and Ben Richards as Franklyn Hart added a bit of eye candy.

june roundup 7

I was surprised to see Susan Boyle come into my work one night. This is a terrible photo, she actually looks teeny tiny in person and was lovely enough to pose for loads of photos with customers.

june roundup 6 june roundup 3

I attended a 50th birthday party with my lovely Mum.

I’m wearing: Dress from New Look – bargainous tenner in the sale. Shoes from Peacocks about 3 years ago – pretty but they killed my feet. Cardi from River Island – last year’s stock but I wear it constantly.


The morning after the party I got over my hangover by eating the breakfast of champions and enjoying the sunshine!


I was lucky enough to win a one of a kind customised Warehouse denim shirt through A DaisyChain Dream‘s blog. I will be posting about the shirt soon so keep your eyes peeled!


I moved from my flat back to my parent’s house and didn’t have any plain stickers so used Christmas stickers which I thought was pretty inspired! As there is hardly any space for me and ALL my belongings I’ve had to downsize considerably and I’m having to put my clothes and footwear in 3 storage boxes :0

Hopefully get my own place again soon as I’m not sure how much longer I can live with so little clothing!


I was hungover and threw this outfit on for work one day. Yes it’s a bit mismash but I surprisingly really like it. Not advisable to wear a tee saying “Looking for Mr Perfect” when surrounded by pervy old men though.

june roundup 1 june roundup 4

Went to see the ever charming Robbie Williams in concert at Hampden with my cousins, mum and a couple of family friends. I’ve seen Robbie about 5 or 6 times in concert now and each time he gets better and better. I was more excited to see his support act, Olly Murs, as I have the biggest crush on him and let’s just say after seeing the way the guy can dance I’m even more smitten ❤

Regular readers will be used to seeing photos of food and alcohol on previous round ups but I’ve been pretty good this month (I think)

L      x


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