Searching For The Perfect Watch

Time for a confession: I haven’t worn a watch for at least 10 years.

Not because I can’t tell the time or because I rely on my phone but my body hates watches. Seriously. I can wear a watch and within hours/days/weeks it’ll break. I’ve tried taking watches back to the manufacturers and complaining yet they don’t find a fault. The problem is ME! I’ve since looked into it after breaking numerous expensive watches and it’s all to do with the electric current running through the body. Whilst the majority of people have no problems with technology my messed up body decides it doesn’t like watches, cameras and phones. In fact years ago my friend’s central locking in her car used to play up when I was travelling!

Recently though I’ve been fine with phones and cameras (touch wood) so I’ve decided it’s time to invest in a watch (excuse the pun). My problem is after years of not wearing a watch I don’t know what style to go for and I’m wary of buying an expensive one in case it breaks. I desperately need one for work so had a quick search one lunchtime in New Look and Primark and none suffice. Also seen a couple on the John Lewis website but they are all bloody sold out.

I know what I don’t want:

Cheap looking
One of those charm bracelet types
Novelty i.e. with ears or mustaches on
A rip off of a designer style

Unsurprisingly the few watches I have seen and liked are all designer – Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Lulu Guinness.

I want something classic that’ll go with anything I’m wearing, not too big and not too small. I’m beginning to feel a bit like Goldilocks here….

Here’s what I’ve found on the internet:

Limit via £24.99

Limit at £24.99

Not really sure if this is very “me” but it looks small and discreet.

River Island at ASOS £20

River Island at ASOS £20

The colour mix of metals would work well with my jewellery. Annoying that they don’t have it on the River Island website or instore though.

Oasis at H Samuel £33.99

Oasis at H Samuel £33.99

Clearly I’m feeling the two tone.

Timex at Jewellery Junkies £58.49

Timex at Jewellery Junkies £58.49

Bit more expensive than I was aiming for but this is exactly the kind of watch I’d like.

Not a whole lot to choose from, don’t even think I’m being particularly picky!

Any suggestions of nice yet inexpensive watches?

L     x


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