Fun In The Ferry

Saturday saw blue skies and sunshine so the bestest and I headed to South Queensferry with her little boy for a picnic under the famous Forth Rail Bridge.

Forth Rail Bridge

My photos really don’t do the weather justice but it was warm enough for bare legs and arms although I did eventually have to wear my cardigan.


Yvonne very kindly provided the picnic which also included pate, oat cakes, crisps and sweeties – the diet was definitely screwed that day! And to thank her for making such a gorgeous spread I treated us to ice cream later on in the day. Luckily for us Yvonne’s little boy L didn’t mind being dragged around the shops, he did end up with an umbrella or rumberella as he was calling it. South Queensferry has some cute little boutiques and the charity shop we visited was unbelievably cheap.

031 036 035

 1. Antique store window display

2. Scarf display

3. ❤ this quote “I love the way you can take a rainy day and make it glisten with diamonds”

The other reason we went to South Queensferry was for the stunning backgrounds for photo opportunities, unfortunately neither Yvonne nor myself are professional photographers (or very good ones, in my case) so the shots aren’t quite what we aimed for although we did have a giggle taking the pictures.

Staring wistfully into the distance

Staring wistfully into the distance

Indulging her inner hippie

Indulging her inner hippie

How fabby is Yvonne’s floral headband?! Available at Topshop for a very reasonable £14


We found this cute little alleyway to pose in


Dress – Cynthia Rowley via TK Maxx

Belt – Peacocks about a gazillion years ago

Shoes – Primark

Bag – Vintage

Sunglasses – New Look


I’m giving terrible hair in these photos!


Yvonne is wearing:

Dress – Oasis, bought last year but have similar styles in now

Jacket – River Island, stolen from a family member

Sandals – Matalan,  from a gazillion years ago

Bag – Newly purchased for £2 from a charity shop


It wouldn’t be a day/night out without a pic of us doing peace pout!

As the clouds began to darken we headed to Craigleith for some retail therapy where I purchased another Cynthia Rowley dress (post coming soon) and the most fantabulous heels

053 054

Just a lil sneak peek but I will photograph them properly soon.

These gorgeous heels cost £12 from TK Maxx and I think they will go nicely with 99% of my wardrobe and accessories including the necklace I picked up from the charity shop for £1 earlier on in the day


Overall a great day out with the best company and fun to discover new shops 🙂

L    x


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