You Belong To Me

I’ve been searching for the ideal everyday black handbag – post coming soon- but in the meantime I’ve found these lovelies that although don’t live in my price bracket they belong on my arm.

It’s not that I’m a pauper, oh no, I’ve got a fair few DKNY bags in my collection, an extensive collection that must be worth a fair few quid now. But I now longer have the funds to go out and spend 3 figures on a handbag that I really don’t need. However as I’m such a spoilt bitch, thanks to the ma and pa, I still covet pretty things so this wishlist is here to inspire me to find a full time, well paid job so I can indulge myself again!

Smaak £195  Available at Covet

Smaak £195
Available at Covet

This bag doesn’t cost the earth, is a neutral colour and a decent sized shape, can you see why I need this in my life?!

Loeffler Randall £435 Available at Harvey Nichols

Loeffler Randall £435
Available at Harvey Nichols

Such a stunning colour, would be a real stand out piece but surprisingly easy to wear. Neutrals, navy, black, white – this bag would add a little pop to all these colours.

REISS £225

REISS £225

The shape and gold detailing give this bag an art deco vibe which adds a touch of class to any ensemble. Can imagine this being popular just now what with the hype about The Great Gatsby (which I am dying to see).

Modaly Kelis Tote £220 Available at John Lewis

Modalu Kelis Tote £220
Available at John Lewis

This is the bag that would make me feel like a “proper” grown up.

Radley £349

Radley £349

I already own a Radley bag but not as pretty as this ladylike number. This looks dainty but is a big enough bag to carry around day to day essentials.

Fossil £165

Fossil £165

I have a “thing” for tan bags but this one really makes my heart flutter. Looks basic enough but it’s all in the little details such as the stitching and buckles.

Mango £114.99

Mango £114.99

Get. On. My. Arm. NOW.

Furla £199.99 Avaiable at TK Maxx

Furla £199.99
Avaiable at TK Maxx

The website says this is dark brown although it looks black to me. Regardless this is a classic shape and every woman needs an understated bag like this in their collection.

Whaddya think of my picks? Any expensive bags you’ve got your eye on?

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