Yet Another Girl Crush

I’ve posted about 5 girl crushes before (check them out here) yet none come close to how envious I am of Girl Crush #6’s wardrobe. Ladies and gents I give you Millie Mackintosh.

yagc mm1

The Made in Chelsea star and fiancée of Professor Green, Millie is also a makeup artist with her own range of lashes and let’s not forget THAT slap with bellend Spencer Matthews. But that’s not why I love her. It’s her to die for wardrobe and eclectic dress sense that I adore.

yagc mm6

She’s always been my favourite Made In Chelsea “character” closely followed by Binky.  I fancied Hugo but cheered when Millie threw that drink in his face. I’ve been Team Millie all the way.

yagc mm7 yagc mm5

The girl can rock a hat…. and a swimming suit.

yagc mm4 yagc mm2

A style chameleon she looks polished whatever style she wears.

yagc mm12

This InLoveWithFashion dress costs £38 and is available here now.

yagc mm10

One of my fave Millie Mac looks as I have a very similar hat and faux fur.

yagc mm9 yagc mm8

And of course I HAVE to show a photo of the ring.

I fancied Pro Green before it was cool to fancy him – saw him perform a few years back and having a “thing” for gingers I was smitten from the start – and was genuinely shocked when they first got together, with the way I’d reacted you’d think I knew them personally! But their love is clear to see and I can’t help but smile every time I see another bitchy tweet from Professor Green to whatever attention grabbing fellow MIC “star” is having a dig at Millie.

What do you think about Millie’s style? Are you a fan?

L    x


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