Harvey Nichols & Grazia Beauty Event

I do like a wee beauty event at Harvey Nicks so I jumped at the chance to attend the Harvey Nichols and Grazia event at the Edinburgh store on Wednesday 8th May. I browsed the store with Jade and our friend Charis although both girls had their cars so it was just lil ole me enjoying the free fizz!


We spoke to a Grazia makeup artist who told Chris to try a MAC eyeshadow to fill in her brows. Usually at these events I buy MAC lipsticks cos let’s face it, a girl can never have too many lipsticks and I love the matte version. However I opted for something different and splurged on Benefit products. As a packaging whore the Benefit products always appeal to me and I’ve been using their Hoola bronzer for years. I blogged about the cabana glama kit here and love it so when the lovely Benefit lady told me about it being reduced from £29 down to £19 I HAD to snap it up! Also because our tickets to the event were redeemable against a purchase I ended up getting the kit for £9. Yes you read that right. £9!


I also bought one of the ultra plush lip glosses in a gorgeous coral colour called Poutrageous that I’ve worn everyday since buying it. The art deco style packaging is a nice touch.


Because I bought 2 products I was given a Benefit goody bag which consisted of decent sized samples.


Jade and Charis posed at Fifi Lapins and we had the chance to win a bumper goody bag by colouring in drawings of the uber stylish bunny.


Our goody bags were Fifi Lapin shoppers with various perfume samples and skincare. To have a full look at it check out the Vine video on my Twitter page.

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