A Treat For Your Hair

In February following our trip to Stobo Castle (which you can read about here if you haven’t already done so) Jade made up gift bags of cosmetics and skincare products for us to recreate a spa at home experience. Amongst the goodies was the Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment which I waxed lyrical about, I may have even referred to it as a miracle product. Following my glowing reviews you can imagine my delight when Neal & Wolf sent me their Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Ritual Daily Conditioner to try.


 The deep purple and design of the packaging look very sleek and what I love most about the products, apart from the heavenly smell, is the size difference. Nothing bugs me more than finishing a bottle of shampoo and still having half a bottle of conditioner left over. This shampoo is 250ml whilst the conditioner is 200ml. A marketing winner in my eyes!


Hair freshly washed with the Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner.

The products gave life to my dyed blonde hair, left my tresses silky smooth and the divine smell lasted for hours. Recently I was asked by 2 different people what scent I was wearing when I didn’t have any perfume on, these honestly smell that good.  In fact after a male friend used my shampoo and conditioner, even though he was told NOT to use “the good stuff”, he was teased in his work for wearing perfume!

Neal & Wolf brand their products as “Indulgence Redefined” and I have to say I totally agree! The shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment all feel like a luxury or a treat for the hair but the prices are affordable enough for every day use. My hair has never been in such great condition.

Other Neal & Wolf products available to buy include: Super Shine Spray, Volumising Lotion (which I’m dying to try next) and Smoothing Blow-Dry Balm.

Available online at Neal & Wolf and from professional salons, prices start from £10.95

*PR sample but views are 100% mine


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