I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone…

This post was scheduled for last week during that rare event when we had 2 sunny days in a row! Unfortunately it didn’t post  and now with the weather being back to normal (i.e. cloudy and blowing a gale) the effect is somewhat lost!

I practically live in black clothes so on the odd occasion I actually wear an ensemble that doesn’t contain any black I HAVE to take a photo and blog about it!



Green top: Henry Holland

Jeans: H&M

Caridgan & Shoes: New Look

Belt: Peacocks

Sunglasses & Bag: Vintage

I LOVE this colour combo. The outfit feels fun and is very casual for me but I still feel presentable! The top hs little swimming ladies on it as well as polka dots. Mixing that print with striped shoes and polka dot sunglasses shouldn’t really work but I think because it’s all in small doses I’ve carried it off. Unfortunately this outfit didn’t get an outting to anywhere exciting, a day of running errands 😦

What do you think of my outfit?

L   x


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