Zen Beauty Event

Bad blogger that I am only just getting around to posting this but I lost the wire for my camera so excuse me if you’ve already read about this but this is my take on the Zen Beauty Event which took place in the Teviot Place branch in Edinburgh on Thursday 4th April. Myself and a whole host of bloggers were invited along to see the salon after it’s revamp and it has to be said the place is GORGEOUS! All whites and purple with gorgeous floral arrangements and iPads in every room so you can choose from a variety of playlists each treatment room had adjustable lighting – low for relaxing massages and super bright for various beauty treatments amongst others.



Complimentary treatments were being offered to the attendees – Blink and Go lashes, HD Brows and Shellac nails. While Jade opted for the Blink and Go lashes (you can read her review here) I was offered a Shellac appointment. I’ve had Shellac a few times before and love how long the nails remain shiny for. I’m rubbish at doing my own nails, rubbish I tell ye, the usually chip within a few hours regardless of how many coats or topcoats or even which brand I wear so Shellac is perfect for me. I opted for the coral/pinky shade of Tropix and received many, many compliments on it.

343 344

This photo really doesn’t do the actual colour justice! I was told my Shellac would last 2-3 weeks unfortunately I chipped one of my nails on a bottle of Jack Daniels (not mine!) so I have removed it.

345 346 347 348 349

Zen offers a vast array of treatments and the one I’m must anxious to try is the White to Brown tanning treatment. At £35 a go (or £175 for 6) this isn’t the cheapest spray tan around but as the colour has purple tones it means you won’t be subjected to a fake looking orange tan instead you’ll look like you but with a natural tan.

The tanning room

The tanning room

Zen are currently offering 2 for 1 on facials so if you are based in the Edinburgh area I’d highly recommend a visit.



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