Never Trust The Weather App

Picture the scene: I’m laying in bed snoozing the alarm every 5 minutes after having a restless night, trying to put together today’s outfit in my head. Instead of leaving my cosy warm bed I stupidly relied on the iPhone weather app. NEVER AGAIN! Yes it said there would be rain at some point but I naively believed the little sunny sign. And before any smart ass asks – I didn’t know you could break it down hour by hour, I’ve only just got the iPhone after my Blackberry died (RIP). Imagine my horror when leaving the house in a maxi dress and pumps that the heavens had opened and it was pouring down and I had left my umbrella in work. Luckily Carla was kind enough to loan me her brolly as she had dressed appropriately for the weather.

photo (1)

photo (3)

Dress, jacket and shoes: Peacocks

Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Umbrella: Primark via Carla

Yes I was clashing animal prints. No I don’t care. My love of animal print shall be documented on here real soon, I plan to blog about the abundance of animal print clothing, footwear and accessories I own.

So now I’m sitting here in a wet dress and I’ve swapped my soaking shoes for warm socks. Next time I’ll just haul my lazy ass outta bed and check the weather for myself!



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