How I Wore… A £6 Dress

Due to my finances being dreadful just now I haven’t been buying ANYTHING clothing or beauty wise until I seen this bottle green skater dress in New Look on the sale rail for £6.

Yes it is basic but I don’t have any other dresses this colour and I knew I’d be able to make it more “me” by adding accessories. To make sure my dresses are suitable for work they must be a decent length, so I don’t flash my bum, and don’t show too much cleavage. I’d hate to give any of the old gits in my work a heart attack by flashing them!


As I said, pretty basic. I then added tights and tan boots as it is unbelievably cold right now and started throwing on accessories.

020 021

The unicorn necklace was a gift from Yvonne



My River Island cardigan and scarf add a bit more texture to the plain ensemble.

OK so the outfit ain’t the most exciting but I’m rather impressed with how my £6 dress turned out.

I’ve not been impressed with New Look’s stuff lately but I did see this playsuit in store however they didn’t have it in my size. Tempted to break the spending ban to buy it.

dotty playsuit £16.99 new look

Whadda ya think about the dress? Should I break the ban for the playsuit?

L  x


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