Nod, Smile and Live in the 50s

Beware. This YouTube video I’m showing you has filled me with the intense rage.

I was  doing my usual of watching hair tutorials then found a video of a guy talking about crazy ex girlfriends and then this video popped up. Titled “3 things men can’t resist in a woman” the only reason I watched it was the high number of views – not because I’m some sad single loser who can’t get a date!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

So basically to attract a man you are to act as a vapid airhead, hold back all your feelings and just listen to your man and dress in colourful frilly dresses. Oh and let’s not forget the sparkly earrings.

Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in my opinion this is a load of SHIT! And this coming from me who pretty much lives in dresses yet receives more compliments when wearing trousers. I’m surprised the guy in the video didn’t turn around and say all women should be a size 10 or under. Have we really regressed as a society into thinking that to attract a man we must hide our unique personalities? I’m all for 1950s memorabilia but don’t think the mindset is appropriate in this day and age!

The other thing that enrages me about this video is the responses:

“Yesterday I dressed a lot more feminine and smiled a ton more and three guys hugged me an one asked for my number!”

“I used to be really grumpy and serious all the time. Now I try and smile all the time and not really care about what others think of it. Guess what, all of a sudden guys started approaching me to talk a lot more than before. What do you know”

“It worked my boy friend is not cheating on me any more”

Really?! REALLY?!

The mind boggles.

What are your thoughts on this sexist, outdated video? Do you think the robot like man makes any valid points?

Would love to know thoughts on this one.

L x


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