The Perfect Pampering Retreat

With the stresses of the Christmas period over and done with what better a treat then heading to Stobo Castle for an overnight stay of pampering so that is just what myself and 3 friends did. In the run up to our trip there was a daily countdown, numerous tweets about how excited we were and frantic phone calls about what to wear.

Despite the traffic light gods being against us we arrived 3pm on the Friday where we promptly cracked open a bottle of Champagne. Charis and Yvonne headed off for their mud room treatment while Jade (of Diamonds and Faith) and I checked out the various steam rooms and hydro pool.


Our home for the evening.

The only down side about being in the Castle Lodge was the short walk from there to the main castle/spa area. Fine in the summer but was bitterly cold walking around in a dressing gown and flip flops in February! There was another lodge with an indoor tunnel leading straight to the spa though.

It was then time for mine and Jade’s mud room treatment. Luckily neither of us is particularly shy which is just as well as standing in nothing but a pair of paper pants and slathering mud on could have been a bit awkward!


stobo 1

So we’d slathered ourselves in this mud and then the room was filled  with steam. All good and well until I started feeling a bit dizzy and fainted. Most embarrassing moment ever! Luckily Jade was there to look after me and I felt much better after having a shower. I’m prone to dizziness and fainting but didn’t think I’d have to worry about it on a relaxing retreat!

We then went back to our lodge to dress for dinner. Has to be said I was a bit apprehensive about the food as I am THE fussiest eater ever but the  3 course meal we had was lovely.


Dressed for dinner – ignore my moany face, it’s just what happens to my face whenever there’s a camera around unfortunately.

Following dinner we went back to our rooms for another bottle of Champagne and to change into our swimwear for some outdoor hot tubbing. Here’s some photos of us larking around:




Not the most flattering of photos but who cares about looking good when you’re surrounded by great mates and living in a dressing gown. Luckily (for other people) we were the only ones brave enough to face the cold and so we had the hot tub to ourselves. After all that hot tubbing fun and another class of Champagne we were all ready for bed. I can honestly say I had a fantastic nights sleep despite us leaving the heating on and waking up roasting.

A swim before a massive breakfast set us up for the day followed by more treatments. I opted for the French Facial which I enjoyed so much I fell asleep through. My skin, which had been very dry, felt super soft and hydrated. My facial must have done wonders for my skin as when I went to work on the Saturday night I was told by 6 different people I was glowing! I had a little break before my next treatment so read my book and had a drink in the covered courtyard.

stobo 5

My final treatment was a paraffin wax spread over the neck and shoulders to relax the bones and leave skin super soft. Another outfit of paper pants, this felt a bit weird as after the wax had been applied I was covered in a plastic sheet (!) and left to relax on a warm bed while I was treated to a head and foot massage. The feeling of the wax peeling off at the end of the treatment was indescribable. I asked if there was a full body option as I felt so chilled but unfortunately not. I would whole heartedly recommend that treatment to anyone as the skin on the back is often neglected so this really feels like a treat and my back still feels soft now.

After treatments it was time to pack. Yvonne and I (the bad kids) were put in a room together. Needless to say our badness shows through in the mess we managed to make in less than 24 hours!


Lunch was another 3 course event  – I ate more in those 24 hours than I did the entire previous week but the food was oh so good. We had time for a few sad face photos and then it was time for us to leave.


Yvonne’s sad face was my favourite.

The grounds of Stobo Castle were beautiful and had we stayed longer we definitely would have had a wander round the Japanese gardens. The castle itself was exquisite and great detail had been paid to each and every room.

stobo 4

stobo 3

stobo 2

Even before we left we were planning our next trip, the next we will definitely stay for 2 nights. I could quite happily live there for a week. I was very lucky in that my mum paid for my stay as part of my Christmas present so I only had to pay for treatments. Many of the treatments were on offer and they do some great package deals. I cannot recommend Stobo Castle enough and can’t wait to go back!

How Old Is Too Old For….. Dungarees??

Last week as I perused River Island with a few friends I saw a pair of dungaree shorts. My first thought was “oh those are cute” my second was “for someone 10 years younger than me”.

Depending on how old you are you may remember wearing dungarees the first time around (just for the record I don’t!) or maybe you look back at photos of you as a toddler dressed in dungarees or a pinafore and cringe/accuse your parents of child cruelty *ahem*

Full length dungarees make me think of bad boy bands, TLC and hippie women!

ASOS, River Island and Topshop are just a few of the stores selling denim dungarees.

ASOS £40

ASOS £40

River Island £30

River Island £30

Topshop £38

Topshop £38

But then I started thinking that dungarees are not all that much different from playsuits so what’s the big deal? I wore a playsuit on Sunday without feeling like an oversized toddler. Is it the fact that dungarees are usually made of denim whereas my playsuits are generally a bit dressier? Perhaps. For me it is the whole age thing. Would I look like a 1990s throwback? Possibly. But then I started looking at celebrities and how they wore this puzzling fashion:

hoito kh

Liv Tyler is all smiles as she spends her labor day out and about in New York City

hoito zd

hoito pink hoito rb

Conclusion? I will not under any circumstances wear full length denim dungarees but I might just be coming around to the short version. I think I dress younger than my 28 years but I wouldn’t say I dress too young. Maybe I’m in the wrong for trying to put an age limit on clothing.

What do you think? Are you a fan of denim dungarees? Or do they just make you think of the 90s?

I Wanna Be A Hollyoaks Girl!

Hollyoaks – either love it or hate it but you can’t deny the hotness of most of the characters. Lately my 2 favourite characters are Mitzee and Maxine firstly for their camaraderie and secondly for their style. Now before I get lynched let me explain: Yes, yes it may be a TV show but even in the depths of freezing cold December Mitzee and Maxine still continued to strut around in strapless mini dresses without tights. Whilst the girls’ style may flashy/trashy I like that they are always glammed up.


Mitzee played by Rachel Shenton and Maxine played by Nikki Sanderson.



Even with a potential pregnancy scare Maxine and Mitzee still dress up!




If I was a Hollyoaks girl I’d be immaculately dressed at all times and wouldn’t leave the house with perfect hair and makeup. If I was a Hollyoaks girl I’d never bump into an ex in the supermarket with a bareface and hair scraped back (not that that’s happened lately, but still). If I was a Hollyoaks girl I’d be able to talk my way out of any situation.


With this in mind I attempted to go tightless the other day, needless to say it was bloody freezing so I had to don over the knee socks and I felt more Cher from Clueless than Mitzee or Maxine!


This dodgy pic was taken on my crummy Blackberry and please ignore my messy bedroom! From now on I am going to make more of an effort to be dressed properly even if it is just to nip to the shops. And all I can say is roll on Summer and bare legs 🙂

Expanding My Horizons with Lashes of London

Lashes of London
Lashes of London is a fantastic online shop which sells 2 of my favourite trends – sequins and pastels. The prices are fantastic and I’m a little bit in love with how they name their trends – Unicorn’s kiss or Reckless Muse anyone??
Lashes of London have just launched a blogger competition to win £200 to spend on Lashes goodies. This is my entry so get crossing your fingers for me. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had a decent splurge on clothes.
It’s not all sequins and pastels they also have some amazing animal print dresses plus their sale items are at ridiculously low prices so please go check out the website here and wish me luck with the competition!

Nude Hues and Soft Fabrics

For some unknown reason recently I’ve been drawn to nude/cream/neutral coloured dresses made of chiffon or tulle. There really is NO point in me even looking at dresses like these as a) I am on a spending ban b) I have nowhere to wear said dress and c) the colouring is difficult for me to pull off unless I’m lightly tanned and I’m just not feeling the fake tan at the moment.


I will post the photos of the gorgeous dresses I’ve seen. Just cos I can.

Parnila at The Remedi £142

Parnila at The Remedi £142

Valiasa at The Remedi £120

Valiasa at The Remedi £120

Benetton at Zalando £65

Benetton at Zalando £65

Little Mistress

Little Mistress

I found this dress on Zalando selling at £65 however ASOS are selling the exact same dress for £55!

River Island £60

River Island £60

Are you a fan of nude coloured dresses?