October Round Up

Not something I usually do but I seem to have a fair few photos that I haven’t blogged so I thought I’d enlighten you all as to what has been occupying me throughout October.

Me, Ashleigh and Lauren “flaunting” our assets before a night in town

Carla and Me. I’m wearing trousers. On a night out!!!!!!! This NEVER happens.

Loving my faux fur headband from Tesco

Not usually a girlie girl when it comes to nails but I actually really like this baby pink with gold tips. Both nail polishes Barry M.

I adore oversized bows and was pleased when I turned my vintage Balmain scarf into a big ass bow!

Scenery shots from Cramond

My Halloween make up. Didn’t quite realise how heavy those long lashes were. My niece told me I looked like her favourite Monster High character!

Mini pumpkins carved by Me and Carla – it was meant to be a fun activity for the kids to do but they ignored us while we had fun.


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