Body Shapes: The HourGlass

This post is the third in the Body Shape series of identifying and dressing for your shape. So now we have come to the coveted Hourglass shape. If you have this body shape Congratulations!

It is viewed as the sexiest shape and for good reason. Way back in Edwardian Britain corsets and structured petticoats were the norm in flattering tiny waists and emphasising bottoms halves.

An hourglass will have the same measurements for bust and hips with a decidedly smaller waist.

Look at Marilyn Monroe with her 35-22-35 statistics (although she was fond of a bit padding now and again)

Whilst in past body shape posts this is the point I’d tell you what clothing you should and shouldn’t be wearing this doesn’t really apply to the hourglass. Your shape has been celebrated for years and if certain designers/stores only make clothes to suit skeletal clothes horses then change where you shop. Extensive studies have found that the hourglass shape is the sexiest shape to men and the average (Ha! As if any woman is average) hourglass shaped woman is at lower risk of developing heart disease.

The hourglass is a dying shape though with only 8% of women possessing it. However the tips given in the previous Body Shapes posts will hide problem areas and with modern day wonder underwear, gaining an hourglass figure is easier to fake than ever. Look back to the pin up girls of the 40s and 50s – pencil skirts were designed for hourglasses and still hint at sexy today. Accentuate that waist at all costs with skinny belts, V neck tops to draw the eyes down and add a Marilyn-esque wiggle with heels.

Celebrity “Hourglasses” include: Scarlett Johansson, Kelly Brook and Salma Hayek.

Do you aspire to have an hourglass shape? Are you an hourglass who would prefer a different bodyshape? Would love to know thoughts on this one  ❤


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