How I Wore….Coloured Jeans

My problem with “casual” outfits is that I tend to over accessorize. This happened to me yesterday. Carla and I decided to go for a long walk along the beach as it was a fairly nice day so we headed for Cramond Island.

What I’m wearing:

Scarf – Vintage Balmain bought from a charity shop

Sunglasses – Vintage

Necklace – Debenhams

Longline Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Next

Bag – River Island (stolen from Yvonne)

I still feel very awkward when posing for outfit photos and I think it shows! We took about 30 photos and I only like about 4, do other bloggers find this or is it just me?

And here’s a photo of my photographer! Love Carla’s oversized scarf, the pompoms are too cute.

I’ve decided that I need to lose weight, I am currently a size 16 and would be happy if I was a size 12/14. I don’t want to do an extreme diets but I will start eating more healthily and do more exercise. With the beach being so close to my house it really is the ideal location to walk a few miles without it feeling like a massive effort.

Not to worry this blog won’t become a weight loss blog but I may post randomly about my weight loss.


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