Expanding My Horizons….My New Favourite Shop!

Lilies and Dreams first came to my attention due to them showing their stunning accessories in the StockFest closing party fashion show. Jade and I popped into the store on Wednesday before making our way to the Harvey Nichols fashion show. The store is located on the uber cool street on St Stephens street in Edinburgh which is filled with eclectic boutiques. Owner JoJo was lovely and chatted away about the store as I took photos. I met JoJo’s husband Ricky at the StockFest closing party and found his running commentary on the fashion show hilarious!

The luggage was a particular favourite of mines and Jojo’s adorable dog obviously likes it too!

The wide array of accessories are lustworthy and best of all in my opinion there is a range of handbags which you can have customised. You can pick from about 20 different patterns and materials, choose the shape of your bag, change the handles and hardware of the bag. How amazing is that?!

The store only stocks one or two of each bag which means you aren’t gonna see loads of people with your bag.

When we visited the majority of stock was in sale but the A/W collection hits down this Saturday which also happens to be the shop’s 2nd birthday. To celebrate there will be cake and sparkles between 2pm and 6pm and the first 20 people to buy an item will be gifted with a fab goodie bag.

So if you are looking for a unique handbag then go check out their website here

Can’t wait to go visit the store on Saturday and see the latest collection.


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