StockFest Fashion Show


Another day, another fashion show! Yes I know it’s not quite Milan or Paris but I have attended several fashion shows lately and being the bad blogger that I am I have only just got around to upload my photos. StockFest was a week’s worth of events organised by shops and companies in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh and Yvonne, Jade and I attended the closing party at Fettes College.

Yvonne and I enjoying our cocktails before the show

Jade and Yvonne enjoying the free bubbly

Yes all 3 of us did wear leather jackets! The majority of my outfit is Peacocks but I added my Alexander McQueen scarf and River Island boots to break it up a bit. I bought this maxi dress about 3 years ago and haven’t worn it in over a year but I quite like it with the jacket.

The show featured clothing and accessories from stores such as Lilies & Dreams, Eden, Chic and Unique,  Those Were The Days and Hibiscus Flower amongst several others. Quick word of warning: the cocktails and champagne may have effected my photo taking skills – basically we got hammered and my photos are awful!

The only criticism I had about the show was not all of the models came right down the “catwalk” which may have contributed to (along with the alcohol) the awful photos. As this was the first StockFest I’m sure I can overlook this though! I am interested in attending more of the StockFest events next year and thought it was a great way to alert a wider audience to all these great little boutiques right on our doorsteps. I have since visited Lilies and Dreams and Eden and will post about Lilies and Dreams soon.

We were also treated to a burlesque performance after the fashion show which led a rather drunken Yvonne and Jade to declaring they want to attend burlesque classes – let’s see if that happens or not!



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