Body Shapes: The HourGlass

This post is the third in the Body Shape series of identifying and dressing for your shape. So now we have come to the coveted Hourglass shape. If you have this body shape Congratulations!

It is viewed as the sexiest shape and for good reason. Way back in Edwardian Britain corsets and structured petticoats were the norm in flattering tiny waists and emphasising bottoms halves.

An hourglass will have the same measurements for bust and hips with a decidedly smaller waist.

Look at Marilyn Monroe with her 35-22-35 statistics (although she was fond of a bit padding now and again)

Whilst in past body shape posts this is the point I’d tell you what clothing you should and shouldn’t be wearing this doesn’t really apply to the hourglass. Your shape has been celebrated for years and if certain designers/stores only make clothes to suit skeletal clothes horses then change where you shop. Extensive studies have found that the hourglass shape is the sexiest shape to men and the average (Ha! As if any woman is average) hourglass shaped woman is at lower risk of developing heart disease.

The hourglass is a dying shape though with only 8% of women possessing it. However the tips given in the previous Body Shapes posts will hide problem areas and with modern day wonder underwear, gaining an hourglass figure is easier to fake than ever. Look back to the pin up girls of the 40s and 50s – pencil skirts were designed for hourglasses and still hint at sexy today. Accentuate that waist at all costs with skinny belts, V neck tops to draw the eyes down and add a Marilyn-esque wiggle with heels.

Celebrity “Hourglasses” include: Scarlett Johansson, Kelly Brook and Salma Hayek.

Do you aspire to have an hourglass shape? Are you an hourglass who would prefer a different bodyshape? Would love to know thoughts on this one  ❤


Wrapping Up In Winter Coats

So whilst the majority of the UK has had to put up with pissing rain and outrageous winds I’m sure the sale of winter coats on the high street has soared. If, like me, you want your winter coat to stand out a bit from the sea of Topshops/Primarks/River Islands etc swarming around, fear not for I have searched for stylish winter coats from lesser known brands at fairly affordable prices.

Gharani Strok at TK Maxx £49.99

I love me a fur jacket for winter and especially this one. I have actually tried it on in store and hope to buy it soon.

Monki £60

The neckline and colour are gorgeous.

Darling at Zalando £95

The style of this coat would make me feel like a little girl, in a good way obvs. The fur collar is a cute touch.

Molly Bracken at Zalando £120

Another “little girl” coat with touches of fur, love this.

LaRedoute £69

Berry colours are always chic for winter and the frills on this coat will add shape to a smaller upper half.

For those reluctant to give up their leather/pleather jackets the fur collar adds a touch of warmth on this coat version.

Do you buy winter coats from the high street? Any recommendations for lesser known clothing websites?


How I Wore…. Faux Fur

What I’m Wearing:

Hat – Next

Sunglasses – Vintage

Jumper – Primark

Faux Fur Shrug/waistcoat – Charity Shop

Shorts – River Island

Boots – Peacocks

(All past season stock)

Well I’m breaking all the rules for my body shape – wearing light colours on top – but sometimes you just have to break the rules and I think this outfit works for me. This faux fur shrug was only a couple of pounds from a charity shop in Stockbridge and I’ve worn it quite a few times with jeans or over dresses.

How I Wore….Coloured Jeans

My problem with “casual” outfits is that I tend to over accessorize. This happened to me yesterday. Carla and I decided to go for a long walk along the beach as it was a fairly nice day so we headed for Cramond Island.

What I’m wearing:

Scarf – Vintage Balmain bought from a charity shop

Sunglasses – Vintage

Necklace – Debenhams

Longline Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Next

Bag – River Island (stolen from Yvonne)

I still feel very awkward when posing for outfit photos and I think it shows! We took about 30 photos and I only like about 4, do other bloggers find this or is it just me?

And here’s a photo of my photographer! Love Carla’s oversized scarf, the pompoms are too cute.

I’ve decided that I need to lose weight, I am currently a size 16 and would be happy if I was a size 12/14. I don’t want to do an extreme diets but I will start eating more healthily and do more exercise. With the beach being so close to my house it really is the ideal location to walk a few miles without it feeling like a massive effort.

Not to worry this blog won’t become a weight loss blog but I may post randomly about my weight loss.

Harvey Nichols Fashion Show

Again I must apologise for the dodgy shots – I may have to lay off the alcohol/learn how to take better photos before the next lot of fashion shows.

The fashion show took place in the car park of Harvey Nichols Edinburgh store but we felt a bit crowded in.

I particularly loved the Victoria Beckham, Catherine Deane and Peter Pilotto dresses. After the show finished we wandered around the store eyeing up all the beautiful clothes and drinking free wine – it’s days like that which makes me LOVE being a blogger!

There are no photos of my outfits as the black chiffon blouse I purchased from TK Maxx tore on my way to the fashion show – had to emergency dash into Primark to pick up a cheap scarf to cover the gaping hole right at the front of the blouse.

Expanding My Horizons….My New Favourite Shop!

Lilies and Dreams first came to my attention due to them showing their stunning accessories in the StockFest closing party fashion show. Jade and I popped into the store on Wednesday before making our way to the Harvey Nichols fashion show. The store is located on the uber cool street on St Stephens street in Edinburgh which is filled with eclectic boutiques. Owner JoJo was lovely and chatted away about the store as I took photos. I met JoJo’s husband Ricky at the StockFest closing party and found his running commentary on the fashion show hilarious!

The luggage was a particular favourite of mines and Jojo’s adorable dog obviously likes it too!

The wide array of accessories are lustworthy and best of all in my opinion there is a range of handbags which you can have customised. You can pick from about 20 different patterns and materials, choose the shape of your bag, change the handles and hardware of the bag. How amazing is that?!

The store only stocks one or two of each bag which means you aren’t gonna see loads of people with your bag.

When we visited the majority of stock was in sale but the A/W collection hits down this Saturday which also happens to be the shop’s 2nd birthday. To celebrate there will be cake and sparkles between 2pm and 6pm and the first 20 people to buy an item will be gifted with a fab goodie bag.

So if you are looking for a unique handbag then go check out their website here

Can’t wait to go visit the store on Saturday and see the latest collection.

StockFest Fashion Show


Another day, another fashion show! Yes I know it’s not quite Milan or Paris but I have attended several fashion shows lately and being the bad blogger that I am I have only just got around to upload my photos. StockFest was a week’s worth of events organised by shops and companies in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh and Yvonne, Jade and I attended the closing party at Fettes College.

Yvonne and I enjoying our cocktails before the show

Jade and Yvonne enjoying the free bubbly

Yes all 3 of us did wear leather jackets! The majority of my outfit is Peacocks but I added my Alexander McQueen scarf and River Island boots to break it up a bit. I bought this maxi dress about 3 years ago and haven’t worn it in over a year but I quite like it with the jacket.

The show featured clothing and accessories from stores such as Lilies & Dreams, Eden, Chic and Unique,  Those Were The Days and Hibiscus Flower amongst several others. Quick word of warning: the cocktails and champagne may have effected my photo taking skills – basically we got hammered and my photos are awful!

The only criticism I had about the show was not all of the models came right down the “catwalk” which may have contributed to (along with the alcohol) the awful photos. As this was the first StockFest I’m sure I can overlook this though! I am interested in attending more of the StockFest events next year and thought it was a great way to alert a wider audience to all these great little boutiques right on our doorsteps. I have since visited Lilies and Dreams and Eden and will post about Lilies and Dreams soon.

We were also treated to a burlesque performance after the fashion show which led a rather drunken Yvonne and Jade to declaring they want to attend burlesque classes – let’s see if that happens or not!