Body Shapes: The Pear

So you’ve identified your body shape by reading this post but for those who have either forgotten or haven’t read the post (if not, why not???) you are classed as a pear shape if you typically have a slim waist and bust with larger hips, thighs and bum.

So for those blessed with some junk in their trunk it’s time for some fashion advice!

It’s all about balancing out the body shape by making your shoulders look wider.


Show off your toned waist with a cropped cardigan if you are a “slim” pear. Or go longer with a knee-length jacket to lengthen the body.

Embrace colour and/or pattern on your top half to drag the eyes upward.

Indulge in necklaces and scarves again to make the focus on your slimmer top half.

Go for strapless dresses and tops – only pear shapes can pull these off effortlessly.

Practise walking in heels – boot legged trousers/jeans should be worn with heels to elongate the legs.

Opt for A-Line skirts and dresses.


Step away from the pale jeans! It’s all about darker colours on the bottom half.

Skinny jeans. Just no.

Heels should NO have ankle straps as they will immediately shorten your legs.

Trousers with side pockets will only add unwanted bulges to a “fuller” area.

Skirts with a small or ditzy print will accentuate a bigger bum.

Celebrity “Pears” include Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Coleen Rooney

RiRi’s emphasised shoulders and statement necklace balance out her pear shape

The patterned sleeve and cut out waist draw attention away from JLo’s amazing derriere

Well fitted dark trousers allow the pink top, hoop earrings and plaited hair to keep all focus up top

How do you dress a pear shaped body?




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