Body Shapes: The Apple

Not to sound all Trinny and Susannah (remember them) or even Gok Wan but I am going to educate y’all about dressing for your correct body shape. I learnt about identifying and dressing body shapes during my studying to be a fashion stylist. As it could be information overload I’ll stick to the Apple shape today and blog about dressing for other body shapes soon.

So….. How does one go about identifying which shape one is? Well you can either have someone take a photo of you in dark form fitting clothing against a white/light wall and actually look at your shape compared to the picture below or you could have at look at these generalisations instead:

Pear: This person’s hips and thighs will be their largest measurements, then usually their bust followed by their waist. The “pear” normally has a smallish bust (compared to their lower half anyway), a longer waist, flat tummy (in comparison to their overall weight), saddlebags and heavier legs.

Apple: These measurements will be similar across the bust and hips, with not much difference between your  under bust and your waist. The “apple” will normally have an average bust, larger tummy area, quite a flat bum (in proportion to the rest of their body), and killer legs.

Hourglass: The bust and hip measurement of this person will be their largest, and their waist measurement will be quite small. An “hourglass” will normally have a large bust, small waist, short waist, big hips and generous thighs.

Petite: This person could be any of the other measurement combinations; however they will be shorter and tend to have broader shoulders. For them it’s more about creating the illusion of height and proportion so mix and match their rules with the other body shapes rules to find the perfect set of rules for them.

Slim Athletic: This person’s measurements will be fairly regular across their hips, waist, bust and under bust. They will also have fairly regular measurements across their mid thigh as well. “Slim athletics” tend to have a slight waist and longer legs.

Or to make it even simpler: Where do you carry the most weight?

• Hips and bust but never waist – hourglass tendencies
• Tummy and bust – apple tendencies
• Naturally balanced – slim athletic tendencies
• Naturally balanced but also quite tiny – petite tendencies
• Hips and thighs – pear tendencies

I am classed as an Apple even though my bust is rather large and I think my legs are great as opposed to “killer” having said that I do have a larger stomach and flat  non existent arse. So if you are unlucky enough to have a fat belly and no bum like me let’s move on to disguising these “problem” areas with clothes.


 Make sure your big boobies are displayed to their best in a properly fitted bra.

Invest in a tailored jacket: adding a belt will cinch your waist in even further.

Opt for wrap around dresses were possible – DVF if you can afford it obvs 😉

It’s all about showing off those fab pins so Apple shapes can get away with shorter skirts and dresses.

If you find a pair of jeans which give you a great bum buy several pairs! This I’ve learnt from personal experience over the years FYI

Belts are your saviour. I belt most of my dresses to give the illusion of a waist.


Polo necks are NOT our friend – who wants their boobs to look like a shelf?!

Cheap shirts which strain to contain your boobs will ruin any look instantly- Pepperberry design shirts for women with bigger busts so it’s worth investing in a few of these shirts.

Stay far away from double breasted jackets and coats unless you like looking like a box.

Think a peplum top is the answer to hiding your belly? Think again. Stores such as Primark and New Look sell peplums which start higher up the body and end above the waist.

Never confuse fitted clothing with too tight clothing. Squeezing yourself into a top will accentuate a larger stomach.

Celebrity “Apples” include Jennifer Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Liz Hurley

Belted and showing off those fabulous bangers!

The shorter length dress and nude heels show off her amazing legs whilst the belt defines her waist

The decorative empire line really draws attention to the smallest part of the torso


Are you an Apple shape? How do you dress your curves?



2 thoughts on “Body Shapes: The Apple

  1. Great post. Thanks for the tips.. I have a few friends that will find this useful and have re tweeted this blog post. Also I really think it’s harder to get clothes for the hour glass figure as well.

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