How I Wore It

As any regular readers will know I don’t often post photos of my own outfits on here but I think from now on I might randomly do it. Houndstooth is still fairly big this winter and this River Island dress (which I stole from the bestest a few months back) is last season but it’s fail safe for me. Add some red accessories, or in my case red lipstick, and let the print do the talking.

Dress: River Island    Shoes: Peacocks    Jewellery: Vintage/Borrowed   Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Excuse my Casper like whiteness – our night out was rather spontaneous and I hadn’t tanned in a while! The skater style of this dress is a good shape for me as it covers my big boobedness and I like having my legs out.

Worn with my leather jacket and vintage bag, I felt comfy yet “me” in this outfit. Lauren’s smoky eyes and Primark peplum top looked fab on the night.

Of course once the alcohol takes effect I often think it’s a good idea to make silly facials and steal hats!

Are you a fan of houndstooth? Do you make silly facials when drunk?

❤ Lea


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