Bronzed Goddess (yeah right!)

Bit of a different style of post for me today but thought I’d give this a bash.

Benefit. The products are rated and the packaging is gorgeous. I am die-hard fan of Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and have been using it for the past few years now so I was über excited when my wonderful Momma brought me back the Cabana Glama set from her holibags.

 How prettiful is the packaging???

The travel size of these cosmetics makes it ideal to try before committing to buying the full-sized version. After all who these days has the money to spend £23.50 on a foundation which isn’t suitable?

The Some Kinda Glam foundation fixer is actually a godsend. I initially thought it would be too dark for me as it says for a medium complexion and I’m usually Casper like. In the informative little booklet it states you receive a sponge for applying the foundation however I didn’t have a sponge in mines. Having checked the benefit website this is apparently a typo – a sponge is provided with the full-sized Some Kinda Glam NOT the travel sized. Regardless of sponge or no sponge I loved the coverage it gave me.

The Posie Tint can be used on lips and cheeks although I prefer to use it purely on my cheeks as it adds a “youthful” glow.

Apologies for scaring anyone but this is me completely barefaced! And again apologies for the crappy photos – Blackberry cameras are pretty rubbish but it’s all I had at the time.

This is me just wearing the Some Kinda Glam foundation. It felt nice to put on and gave me pale skin a well needed glow.

Feel a bit creepy posting photos of my eye but its too show of the eye shadows. Again thanks to my shan camera you dont get the full effect but I received a fair few compliments on my eyes that night.

SKG, eye shadows and Hoola on as well as my own eyeliner and mascara.

With the PosieTint on my lips and cheeks

I absolutely adore this cosmetic set and would recommend it to anyone. My only little gripe was the lack of mascara. C’mon Benefit mascara is an essential and should have been included in the kit. I cannot leave the house without wearing liquid eyeliner so I added that to the look aswell. The kit costs £28.50 and makes a wonderful gift (again cheers Momma!).

Have you tried Cabana Glama yet? Is there any other kits like this I should be trying?


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