Look At Me I’m Sparkaliiin’

With The Only Way Is Essex back on our screens and that Katy Perry lyric stuck in my head I thought it was the ideal time to introduce those who like a lil bit of sparkle to Lemonade. Adored by Celebs such as Amanda Holden, Amy Childs and the TOWIE girls, Lemonade sells just about every crystallised accessory you can imagine.

With celebrity ranges from Nicola Mclean and Harry Debridge online as well as the massively popular Shamballa bracelets, Lemonade is the ideal place to pick up a bit bling.

While the TOWIE girls can seem a bit OTT with their bling I think every girl deserves a bit of sparkle in their lives and the Lemonade shoes are lustworthy.


These are pretty classic and the gold adds a talking point. I LOVE these!

Crystal Couture £250

A tad pricey for me but would totally make an outfit!

It’s not all skyscraper heels though they even sell blinged up flip flops for those who want to look glam on holibags.

Whilst some of the prices may be on the steep side for some of the frugal fashionistas out there, these are investment pieces which are of good quality, will last a lifetime and are timeless classics.

Crystal Couture £250

There are plenty of bargains to be had though with necklaces starting from £17.95, rings from £14.95 plus the watches are very well priced as well.

So please go check out Lemonade and add a little bit of sparkle to your life!

*As usual this is NOT a sponsored post


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