Look At Me I’m Sparkaliiin’

With The Only Way Is Essex back on our screens and that Katy Perry lyric stuck in my head I thought it was the ideal time to introduce those who like a lil bit of sparkle to Lemonade. Adored by Celebs such as Amanda Holden, Amy Childs and the TOWIE girls, Lemonade sells just about every crystallised accessory you can imagine.

With celebrity ranges from Nicola Mclean and Harry Debridge online as well as the massively popular Shamballa bracelets, Lemonade is the ideal place to pick up a bit bling.

While the TOWIE girls can seem a bit OTT with their bling I think every girl deserves a bit of sparkle in their lives and the Lemonade shoes are lustworthy.


These are pretty classic and the gold adds a talking point. I LOVE these!

Crystal Couture £250

A tad pricey for me but would totally make an outfit!

It’s not all skyscraper heels though they even sell blinged up flip flops for those who want to look glam on holibags.

Whilst some of the prices may be on the steep side for some of the frugal fashionistas out there, these are investment pieces which are of good quality, will last a lifetime and are timeless classics.

Crystal Couture £250

There are plenty of bargains to be had though with necklaces starting from £17.95, rings from £14.95 plus the watches are very well priced as well.

So please go check out Lemonade and add a little bit of sparkle to your life!

*As usual this is NOT a sponsored post


Weird Cravings!

No I’m not preggo I just thought the title suited the post!

Every so often, out of the blue I decided I want an item and I can’t settle until I have it. Unfortunately these weird clothes cravings happen when said item is either a) out of season b) out of my budget or c) the high street is awash with said garment but it’s never exactly what I’m looking for.

Like at some point this morning I realised that my wardrobe would be so much better if I owned a black leather skirt. Not just any black leather skirt but a flippy or pleated black leather skirt (admit it you just read that in a M&S advert kinda way didn’t ya???) I feel this versatile piece deserves a place in my wardrobe and it would stop me from wearing dresses quite so often. Think about it a black leather skirt would go with ALOT of tops and so far I haven’t seen many peoples wearing them.

Clueless has to be one of my favouritest movies ever and the scene when Paul Rudd is sitting by the pool wearing a suit and shades and then Alicia Silverstone approaches wearing a black leather flippy skirt with matching black leather jacket is forever ingrained in my mind. Annoyingly I can’t find a  decent photo of this 😦

I’m not for a second suggesting I’d wear double leather – jokes about cows come to mind – but that’s the kind of skirt I want. Below are a selection of black leather skirts I’ve found online that seem to fit the bill.

ASOS Premium £90

This is pretty ideal but at the moment I don’t have a spare 90 bucks to spend.

MCQ Alexander McQueen £645

Of course if I had mad money this beauty would be getting snapped up pronto.

Rebecca Taylor £395

Absolutely divine and could be worn year after year.

Oasis £42

The only skirt I’ve found within my price range but it isn’t quite right. 1) It’s not leather but what do I expect for £42. 2) It isn’t pleated or flippy enough.

My only hope is that I either win the lottery/inherit megabucks or some anonymous lovely person decides to buy me the ASOS or Rebecca Taylor number.

Do you ever have weird clothing cravings?

The Woes Of An Unemployed Bum!


I am about to have a massive rant so if you don’t want to read anymore about the perils of retail management then leave now

(please don’t, please stay!)

I have worked full-time since I was 16 years old, either within retail or bar work, and have been seeking retail management work since September 2011. Needless to say I know there are thousands and thousands out of work but how can it possibly be so hard for me to get a job?? I have 10 years management experience yet even when applying for lesser roles I am unsuccessful and sometimes do not even warrant a reply which in my opinion is just plain rude. OK so maybe it wasn’t the best made plan to leave my last role as assistant manager for a “value fashion retailer” but circumstances meant I would have committed violence if I didn’t leave.

Here’s a typical job-hunting day for me:

Wake up to emails advertising jobs from 5 or 6 different retail agencies – dismiss 90% of the jobs.

Check 8 different websites looking for jobs.

Apply for at least 10 jobs.

Apply for as many jobs as I can through company websites.

At least once a week I will physically hand in my CV to several stores.

I’m not asking for a Store Manager’s job in a mahoosive luxury store – although y’know if I was offered….

I apply for roles that are, in my opinion, applicable to me. I have vast skills learnt through on-the-job experience plus I am a qualified fashion stylist after completing an online course which I funded myself and in the process left myself broke. Customer service is mightily important to me, nowt worse than getting crappy service. My visual merchandising skills are one of my assets and I talk to just about anyone. All of that in mind WHY am I so unemployable?

I have been for interviews and am usually the best dressed candidate there, bar one interview, I usually feel the interviews go well and yet inevitably I end up being rejected. Another bugbear of mines about job hunting is at the interview I always ask if I will be given feedback on how I interviewed regardless if I get the job or not and I’m always told yes, I will receive said feedback. Unfortunately 99% of the time I receive no feedback. How exactly am I supposed to better my interviewing technique if they won’t tell me where I’m going wrong??

As time goes on I feel more and more disheartened. I feel that at my age and with my experience it would actually be more detrimental to my career to accept a checkout job in a supermarket. That would be soul destroying to me, although I’m not hating on people who do that job, but I’m looking for my ideal career.

Any pearls of wisdom of how to achieve my dream job?

Should I just quit my whinging and take any job for the sake of having a job?

Would love to know thoughts on this.