Don’t Hold It Against Me….

Hello, hello.

 I’m ever so sorry for abandoning the blog for a few weeks although I do have several photos of what I’ve been up to during my mini break from blogging. I promise to post a real post soon but in the meantime please feel free to comment either about the photos or any suggestions for this blog.

Me after a loooooooooooong over due haircut

My gorgeous niece Mya trying on hats in Sainsburys, safe to say she takes her inspiration from her Auntie LeeLee.

Also how cute and appropriate is her tshirt?!

Not only do Yvonne and Mya share the same birthday they also share a love of big hats!

This would fit in ever so well in my kitchen as I currently have lots of cupcake themed paraphernalia.

I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I had an excuse, Masquerade Ball anyone???


How prettiful. If I owned this I would actually wear it everyday, even just for 5 minutes to feel like a princess

Oh look here’s me being a Princess again!

On the train to Blackpool: Everyone else was drinking whilst I painted my nails, vain much?! Me?!

Mmmmmmmmmmm Margaritas

Ugly shoes the mother made me try on!

 Posing with my new GBF

Had so many compliments on my skirt 😀

Couldn’t believe my eyes, such a gaudy cheap necklace!

Woulda been a much better picture if it wasn’t for the bunny ears. I’d love to own the diary room chair.

Our dream bodies!

“Heeeeeeeeeeeyyy” Not the most flattering photo of me but it’s not every day I get my leg over David Beckham

My Mum groping Peter Andre’s bits. Like Mother, like daughter.

Hmmm not sure what Gok would make of my ensemble….

As much as I dislike Gaga I wish I could get my hairbow this big

Yvonne in her purdy vintage sailor dress

BIG hair and small dresses