Expanding My Horizons

It’s shocking that as a fashion blogger I tend to stick to the high street when buying clothes/footwear/accessories especially when I do come across websites selling gorgeous products. My problem is that when I do have money to spend it burns a hole in my pocket and I want to go out and spend it instantly which usually means a trip into town and funding the high street instead of supporting smaller stores and boutiques. To rectify this situation I’ll be picking one website a week and showing you what I’m coveting.

First up: Not On The High Street

There are hundreds of different items but the accessories and homewares are my favourite. They offer a HUGE range of personalised goods as well which would make ideal wedding gifts. The clothing ranges are also gorgeous and Not On The High Street very kindly gifted me this Rise dress which I shall post photos of very soon.

£2.85 Each

How adorable are these lil polka dot birds??? They also come in blue and could be used anywhere in the house really.


This rather sweet photo frame could be a great gift idea – I could give this to friends or my sister or as an engagement present etc


I want. ‘Nuff said.


Another great gift idea, there is also various different cards/necklaces for different occasions in life.


A personalised Kindle cover would make a very thoughtful gift for someone. If I didn’t use my vintage leather envelope as a Kindle cover I’d have wanted one of these.


Such a sweet dress, I REALLY like this one.


This 50s style dress would be a real wardrobe staple for me.


I’ve been after be a pair of cashmere leggings for about 4 years now but alas my budget just stretches to a lemonade rather than a champagne lifestyle. Still i can dream about owning these one day.

So what are you waiting for??? Go and check out the website, it’s excellent for gifts for your nearest and dearest but there’s also LOADS I want 😉


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