What’s the Point?

I don’t really have time to write this but following a verbal attack by a seller on Etsy I am now raging and need to vent!

As a fairly new fashion blogger I am constantly trying to think up ways to generate more views/followers and thought about a giveaway for you lovely readers. I contacted a couple of different sellers on Etsy and enquired about perhaps being gifted an item in exchange for a blog post on their products. I know this may not be the conventional way but as I have said before, I AM A NEW BLOGGER. I am a supporter of handmade products and have bought items from various different sellers on Etsy before.

Now my problem is should I name and shame said person who verbally attacked me? I’ve thought about it long and hard and decided that I’m not going to as I wouldn’t want to direct any people her way . This woman clearly doesn’t appreciate the influence that bloggers can have on brands and making purchases.

The woman sells her handmade jewellery on Etsy and replied to my enquiry with this “A blog. and you want FREE JEWELRY thats a joke ! NO thanks! get a real job”. Lovely! I replied saying that the blog is a hobby for me and that I do have a real job (albeit part time). I was then told that I was trying to “scam” her and that she had reported me to Etsy. The woman then scorned the amount of followers I have and accused me of scamming hardworking people. In my opinion I was hoping for it to be a win-win situation – I’d have a giveaway for my readers and hopefully you readers in turn would have checked out this seller’s products and perhaps purchase from her. Does that sound like a scam?? While I may not have thousands of followers I appreciate every single one that I have and followers do not equate to views – in March of this year I had over 2000 views on the blog. The woman could have simply replied with a simple thanks but no thanks or even not bother replying if she felt that strongly about it and I did say this to her. She then accused me of trying to steal from her, by this point my blood was boiling and I told the woman she was a rude, small person. Imagine my astonishment to be told “It is apparent from your photos you are far from a SMALL person”. Words fail me.

I have since reported her to Etsy. There is nothing I can do now about it but it is my first negative interaction with someone due to the blog and it really has affected me. I have been called a fat, thieving scammer because of a simple enquiry. At least my views for the blog today are quite high as the woman clearly had a good scout around it several times 😉

Was I in the wrong? Have I approached potential giveaways in the wrong way?

I would love to hear opinions on the matter.


4 thoughts on “What’s the Point?

  1. That is unfortunate that you had an interaction with a seller like that. Who knows, maybe she has encountered problems like that in the past. That was rude and inappropriate of her to attack you personally! I think giveaways are a good way to generate business for sellers and a following on your blog. It is not as though you were trying to keep those things for yourself!

  2. Thanks Sara, I did think I was justified in reacting like this. Yeah she may have been “scammed” in the past but there was no need to be so rude. Oh well I’ll just need to put it behind me. Really appreciate your comment ❤

  3. Wow! Someone must have peed in her cheerios this morning. I am new to blogging and to selling on Etsy and have yet to encounter anyone so rude! Most people are super friendly and willing to help each other out. I’m curious as to the shop, I’d hate to support someone with that demeanor.

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