A Rare Morning

Yesterday morning I spent an hour or so wandering around Harvey Nicks with my bestest (and fellow crazy) Yvonne. Even walking up to the store, we felt at peace and were able to ignore the atrocious road works which have plagued Edinburgh for faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long. Our first stop was the MAC counter, however we were both disappointed by the current offerings. Yvonne has more MAC products than anybody I know, in fact she could probably open her own concession. I also spent a fair amount of time admiring the Alexander McQueen scarves whilst wearing my own Alexander McQueen scarf.

So onto the pretty things I saw and wanted:

I NEED this Jimmy Choo bag in my life, I do, I NEED it! Not to go all Becky Bloomwood on ya but my life actually would be much better if this bag belonged to me. Unfortunately the fact that it costs over £500 hinders me greatly from buying it. I clapped the bag for so long (that’s right I clapped it in the middle of the store) that I thought the sales assistant was going to call security on me.

Of course the Christian Louboutin’s had to be admired.

Unfortunately my phone died so couldn’t take any more pics 😦

Yvonne wanted these stunning Louboutin’s but I’m sure she’d be arrested one day for using them as a weapon!

If you’d read my post here you will know how I feel about Topshop. Yvonne seems to shop only in Topshop and River Island so I was dragged into the Princes Street branch of Topshop. I found one dress in the entire store that I thought my flatter, and more importantly, fit me.

However the dress was awful on me and just reinforced my opinion that Topshop is only suitable for skinny minnies.

We concluded our trip by a quick visit to McDonald’s – such classy burds!

All in all I really enjoyed my morning of lusting after items I can’t afford.


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